You could be using Facebook wrong!

STOP, You could be using facebook wrong!


With over 500,000,000 users on facebook it’s the internet’s biggest social network.  Smart Real Estate Agents realize they need to use facebook to connect with their clients as well as make new contacts.  The problem with a lot of them is that they’re using facebook wrong.

In this post I’m going to cover some of the ways that people could be using facebook wrong, and tell you what they can do to fix it.


If you’re friending everyone on facebook, even people you don’t know then you’re using facebook wrong. facebook is a social network, it’s intended to be shared with people you know, not complete strangers.  When starting out you should friend people that you know, then grow your network over time meeting new people along the way.

Another mistake that Real Estate agents commonly make on facebook is friending every other agent in the world.  If you’re using facebook to connect with your clients and you have every other REALTOR in your area as a friend then you’re just sharing your prospects with them.  I don’t know about you, but I think this is plain dumb.

The blank friend request, one of my greatest pet peeves.

When sending a friend request you should include a short message.  A blank friend request is the equivalent of attending a chamber networking event and walking up to people yelling, “FRIEND!”  Does that really make you friends, or just another obnoxious marketer?


If you’re not commenting on facebook you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects of social networking.  Whenever you comment on something it populates your home feed and your friend’s see what you’ve commented on.

As a Real Estate Agent you should be commenting on smart articles posted about your industry as well as local news and events.  You should only comment if you have something smart to say.

stop-using-facebook-wrong-2On the other hand, agents have a habit of commenting with their personal contact information even when it has NOTHING to do with the conversation.  I refer to this as verbal graffiti.  If you’re doing this then you’re using facebook wrong.


As an agent I know it’s tempting to use facebook as your new website, shoving all your new listings in everyones face….even when they DON’T CARE.  If you’re doing this, thinking about this, or think it sounds like a good idea…. You’re using facebook wrong.

Facebook is a social network, not a business network.  The reason agents should be using facebook is to connect with people on a social level in hopes to turn that friendship into a possible business venture.  People using facebook do not want to be marketed to.  The best thing you can do is share great articles and content that your prospects would find interesting.

Remember the old recipe cards?  Well, why not share a link to a great steak recipe when one of your friends is having a BBQ?

You’re accomplishing two things:

1. Sharing great and relevant info

2.Reminding them you are there.  That’s the point of marketing anyways, isn’t it?  You just want to be at the front of their mind when they need your services.

ALSO, remember to share all sorts of great content so your page always looks fresh.  There’s nothing worse than a stagnant facebook page.  When your friends stop by you want them to see lots of good info, not just dust balls.

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  • donnrasch

    Thanks Jonathan your post makes perfect sense to me. I'm new to face book and started getting a ton of these friend requests from people I didn't know. Most of them were from friends of the first person I friended who is a local Realtor I had just met. I said this is crazy after the first 3 and decided to ignore the rest and unfriend the first 3 including the local realtor. Now it will be a slow build of actual friends and family with me being the only local realtor in the list.

    Also Suzanne's “” tip was great! I wanted to be able to do that function and that was the ticket!

    I look forward to many more tips and secrets to the “socialnomics” aspects of our lives.

    Best Regards

  • Wendyherndon

    Great reminders! Just came up with a new idea for our page based on your post today… Thanks Jonathan!

  • Awesome Wendy – what was the idea (if you don’t mind sharing?)

  • Seems to me like this is another moment of “value” missed, if people are blanket friend adding and assuming adults care about how many friends you have! That’s for kids and crawlers…adults want intelligent friends who share intelligent messages and links in this age of electronic information dissemination.

  • Ask4arthur

    Great article Jonathan, thanks for the advise lest we fall into the trap.

  • Thanks for checking it out Artie.

  • You couldn’t be more right Joli. We have a unique opportunity to connect using Facebook – it’s up to us to make a choice on how we want to leverage it.

  • Joan Grimm Stamman

    Pay attention Realtors!