Business Social Networking for Real Estate


The Real-TechGuy Podcast Episode 2

The old days of interrupt marketing are giving way to conversation marketing.  Anyone who approaches business social networking with the old school tactics is bound to fail.  New media requires a new mindset.

Today more than ever social networking should be used in your business.  With millions of people joining social networks each day the possibilities to meet new customers and contacts are endless.  Business social networking is no different online than it is offline.

I’m constantly amazed at how people are using social networking.  Sometimes it’s good, a lot of times it’s bad.  It seems that people get online and somehow loose all inhibitions.  Promoting your business through social networking takes careful planning and commitment.  If you go in with a good game plan your bound to get good results.  If you’re not fully committed to doing what it takes to build your presence, don’t bother.  A half hearted performance is far worse then no presence at all.  People will see right through you.

If you’re serious about business social networking then this podcast is a MUST listen.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • The Secret to building a presence in social media
  • How to get INTO the conversation
  • What viral marketing REALLY is
  • How Google’s “Friend Rank” works

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