Are you using Google Friend Connect?

If you’re not using Google Friend Connect you’re missing the future of the web.

Google Friend Connect is Google’s foray into social networking.  With over 3,000,000 sites using the GFC widget, it looks like it’s here to stay.  Basically, the GFC widget turns your website or blog into a social network.  People can drop by your page and  join, comment, or even post a video.  This encourages more user interaction.

My mentor, Simon Ford has likened Google Friend Connect to an underground subway which connects all the social networks together.  Watch this video to see his take on it.

Google Friend Connect

Why should you be using Google Friend Connect?

Google Friend Connect adds social features to your site.  Rather than having comments on just one post, users can interact with you site as a whole.  It’s easy to install, and even easier to use.  If you look at my site you’ll see that most of my comments are in the GFC widget to the right.

Social networks like facebook can be limiting at times.  You have to be a member to see what’s going on inside, but with GFC your content and community are available to anyone who visits.

The viral power of the GFC widget is amazing.  When someone joins your site it updates their history, so when their friends go to see where they’ve been there’s a link back to your site.  That means anyone who’s interested in your subject has an easy way to find you and join the party.

Ready to start using Google Friend Connect?

Have I convinced you to start using GFC?  If not, check out this great post on the many benefits of using Google Friend Connect.

In future posts I will go into more detail on how you can start using the GFC widget to build a community around your site.

Are you already using Google Friend Connect?

If you’re already using the Google Friend Connect widget we want to know who you are.  Share a link to your site along with a brief description of what your site is about in the comments section below.  if you don’t see the comments section, click on the title of this post and it’ll take you to the right page.