Are We Really Friends?

This is a viral note I created for a recent campaign. It doesn’t make as much sense here as it did inside of Facebook. A lot of great discussions were started because of this note and a lot of friendships were solidified. Enjoy!


You’ve been tagged in this note because I think we are friends. To share it with your friends all you have to do is Cut and Paste this text into your notes and tag your friends. This is a great way to show your appreciation to all those great friends you’ve made online and to say thanks for the support. ***Remember to include these instructions when you cut and paste the note*** ______________________________________________________________________________

Social Networking is a great way to expand your network, but sometimes the lines are blurred between connections and friends.


When I first started I was focussed on the number of connections I made, it didn’t matter who they were. After meeting Simon U Ford I realized this approach was all wrong, he preached Quality over Quantity. It took me a while to get it, but when I finally did my experience on social media changed. Simon calls this the paradigm shift. Before meeting him I thought it wasn’t possible to make real friends online.

Since I’ve been a part of Social Traffic I realized that you can really make friends online. Not just faux friends, but people who are there to support you, help you grow, and push you when you need it. I am grateful to have learned how to use social media to make real friendships and I want to thank you for helping me grow both online and offline.

When I speak about social networking I often stress the idea of making real meaningful relationships. Often times people ask me, “How can you make real friendships online?” My response to them is, “One at a time.”

I’ve written this note for two reasons,

1. To say Thank You to my friends who I’ve met online

2. To provide social proof that you can create meaningful relationships online

What I wrote above covers part one. Part two is up to you, my friends to provide social proof that Simon Ford and Social Traffic can teach anyone how to make real relationships with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection.

Are we really Friends?