Did You see all those Referrals?

Did you see all those Referrals flying around
The Official Real Estate Referral Group?”

If you thought last month’s numbers were hot, wait until you see what we did this month.

February 2011: 178 Referrals

March 2011: 199 Referrals

Crazy, right?

Wondering whether or not some of those Referrals may have been for your State?

Are you curious to know Whether or Not the Real Estate Referral Group REALLY Works?

Still trying to figure out how to Get More Leads Online?

Then Watch this video where I answer all those questions for you.


Just in case you wanted to check it out,
Here’s the Monthly Real Estate Referral Group Newsletter

Happy Monday to You ūüėČ


We had another terrific month at the

Real Estate Referral Group.


It was actually our second best month

EVER¬†and it’s all thank to YOU.


How would you like to know which

states were the hottest for referrals?

Was it yours?


Wondering How many Referrals

we generated?


Would you like to know How You

can generate even More Leads

for your business?


Then you’ll want to check out

this video update I made for you.






In March of 2010 I saw something that

I didn’t¬†think was possible.


The Real Estate Referral Group had

generated exactly 200 Referrals.


That was our best month EVER!


This year I was a little nervous because

the bar was set so high, but I had

had some new tricks up my sleeve.


——> (Posterous + Twitter) <——


March 2011 started out with a BANG –

averaging 10+ referrals per day

for the first few days.


It dropped after that, but we still managed

to squeak  by with our 2nd BEST month



199 Referrals (pretty close, huh?)



The Dark Side or The Bright Side?



Last week I asked folks which side of


they were more interested in so I could write

more about it.


You still have a chance to weigh in,

What would you say?



***Referral Alerts*** in Your Inbox



A couple of weeks ago I showed a few friends

a new hack that allowed ***Referral Alerts***

for Your state to be delivered by email.


Now that we’ve had a few people using this

hack, we may have uncovered an even better

way to do it.


I’m testing the new way now, but if You

want to learn the old way (which still works)

Click Here.


That’s all for now, Make it a GREAT Day –

Just because you can ūüėČ





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