7 Things You Must do to Use Facebook Successfully in 2010

The year is winding down and before you run off to “Holiday-ville” I wanted to to give you one more push.  Marketing is changing and if you’re not keeping up you may fall off the face of the planet….OK, maybe not the planet..but if no one can find you online then you may as well have.

Get ready to embrace new media beginning with the 350,000,000 member nation of Facbeook.  Your first lesson in new media is the “7 Things You Must Do to Use Facebook Successfully in 2010.”

While everyone else is winding down we’re ramping up to make the next year a profitable one.

  1. When REALTORs start out in Facebook they forget one key factor.  Who they’re trying to reach.  If you don’t identify your target market BEFORE you get started how on earth do you expect to find them when you get online?  More importantly, how do you expect them to find you??

OK, so you got tip number one of seven.  If you want to start off 2010 with a BANG, I suggest you listen to the entire training call.

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