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I have learned a tremendous amount about marketing from Jonathan. What I love about his marketing style is that he provides practical marketing solutions in plain english that any business owner can use to get better results.

Jimmy Mackin –

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Here are four articles that’ll give you a thirty thousand foot overview of how you can use internet marketing to get more traffic, leads, and sales online.

  1. Using a Wordpress site to Get More Leads
  2. How to use Content Marketing to get More Traffic
  3. The Easy Way to Setup Your Email Marketing System
  4. You want Even More Leads?

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Pain Free Marketing?

Thumbnail image for Pain Free Marketing?

You know why we have a fear of rejection? Because it hurts, I was reading the Harvard University Gazzette the other day, They did a study where some surgery patients got a spinal injection prior to the operation While others just got the usual anesthesia They found the patients with the spinal injection experienced less […]

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Clear – Direct – and Refreshing

Thumbnail image for Clear – Direct – and Refreshing

If I told you my stuff was pretty cool You might think I was blowing smoke. Instead let me share what this agent in Hawaii said to me When I asked, “Why did you decide to buy the Bootcamp” She replied, “I find your teaching very valuable. With the flood of information that is readily […]

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My Schizophrenic Life

Thumbnail image for My Schizophrenic Life

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my stories straight Living two lives isn’t easy, You gotta remember which people belong to which personality The folks I talk to on a regular basis know me as JR – The guy that hooked them up with a sweet deal on an apartment Never answers his phone And always […]

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Weird point of entry

Thumbnail image for Weird point of entry

Not too long ago I was reviewing a website for a customer, She told me her “web guy” was good at doing the “pay per clicks stuff” And he told her not to worry about design, He’d take care of that and the traffic So when I asked her, “Where is he sending the PPC […]

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Weird stuff I do online

Ask your local Social Media Hero, “How do you spend your day?” And it’ll fire back things like, “First I do Facebook, Then I hit Twitter, After that I pin some stuff, < and if it’s really good it may even say > Then I create some content, And do some commenting…” But never ask […]

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Party your way to success

Thumbnail image for Party your way to success

I know it’s Monday And partying is the furthest thing from your mind, But this weekend I found myself watching a marathon of “Million Dollar Listing NY” If you haven’t seen it, it’s based on 3 brokers doing what it takes to make million dollar deals in NYC One show Frederick throws a Mexican themed […]

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It’s OK to be different (and sometimes better)

Thumbnail image for It’s OK to be different (and sometimes better)

In yesterday’s post I told you to break some rules, Because there’s nothing worse than “Me Too Marketing” (that’s where you just copy what someone else is doing) The way to stand out like a glowing green thumb, Is to do what other people are NOT doing That’s why you should try all sorts of […]

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