It’s OK to be different (and sometimes better)

In yesterday’s post I told you to
break some rules,

Because there’s nothing worse
than “Me Too Marketing”

(that’s where you just copy
what someone else is doing)

The way to stand out
like a glowing green thumb,

Is to do what other people are NOT doing

That’s why you should try all sorts
of crazy & different things in your marketing,

If someone in your office is saying,
“You gotta Blog”

Try picking up the phone and calling
your sphere,

If they say, “You gotta do video”

Try writing a “Thank You” card
to five people

And if they’re telling you,
“Social Media is the place to get business”

Try building a landing page and running
a craigslist ad instead,

I’ll show you how in the “Internet Marketers Monthly”

Just so you know,

This newsletter isn’t some lame
digital product you can download and forget,

It’s an in your face
printed on dead trees and
delivered by pony express type of experience


PS – The next newsletter ships out in 12 days

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