Party your way to success

I know it’s Monday

And partying is the furthest thing
from your mind,

But this weekend I found myself watching
a marathon of “Million Dollar Listing NY”

If you haven’t seen it,

it’s based on 3 brokers doing what it takes to
make million dollar deals in NYC

One show Frederick throws a
Mexican themed fiesta complete with piñata

To get people to visit his new listing,

The day before he hit the phones hard
to make sure the party was a success,

It turned out one of the brokers
who visited had a possible buyer

Later on he came back with an offer,

And it made me think,

Could you REALLY party your way
to success?

I think you could,

That’s why in the next issue of
“The Internet Marketers Monthly”

You’re gonna get a 2 part interview
with one of the most referred guys
in real estate

In that interview you’ll learn a proven
way to get lots and lots of referrals

From awesome little house warming parties


The next “Internet Marketers Monthly”
goes to print in 8 days

So there’s no time to dilly dally if you
want it,

More info here:



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