Weird stuff I do online

Ask your local Social Media Hero,

“How do you spend your day?”

And it’ll fire back things like,

“First I do Facebook,

Then I hit Twitter,

After that I pin some stuff,

< and if it’s really good it may even say >

Then I create some content,

And do some commenting…”

But never ask them WHY they do these

Because it’ll rattle them and they’ll be forced
to tell they have no clue WTF this stuff has
to do with getting leads

So if there’s no real business objective
Why bother?

Maybe I’m ol’ fashioned,

or weird

or sum’tin

But each day I work online,

The stuff I do is geared towards feeding
my business new leads

So it’ll spit out more moolah

And I can kick back and do more of
the stuff I like to do

It’s kinda like a machine

In fact,

If you want to learn how to avoid wasting time
online (especially on Social Media)

By dumping your website and using
one simple tool instead,

Then check out the
“Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

It’s under “call recordings > call #2”
You’ll find the answer


PS – The next live training call
starts Wednesday May 9th at 1 pm EST

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