Pain Free Marketing?

You know why we have a fear of rejection?

Because it hurts,

I was reading the Harvard University
Gazzette the other day,

They did a study where some surgery patients
got a spinal injection prior to the operation

While others just got the usual anesthesia

They found the patients with the spinal
injection experienced less pain and were
more active after surgery

That’s because pain is directly related to memory

So if you have a fear of rejection, that’s normal

But if that fear is keeping you from accomplishing
the things you want and need in your business

Then I’ve got just the injection you need
in your business,

It’s the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

And in Module 5 you’ll learn how to create
“Money Magnets” that’ll attract the right
people into your database

While repelling the others,

And when you do it right,

You’ll find the people saying “No”
Will almost vanish

I call this process
“Rejection Free Marketing”

And you’ll learn all about it in the bootcamp

More info here (and to sign up):


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