Best of 2009 | Social Media Training for REALTORs

With the year rapidly heading to a close I wanted to give you guys the “Best of 2009.”

Next month will be the Real-TechGuy’s first birthday.  I couldn’t have told you a year ago whether or not anyone would be interested in what I had to say, but here you are.  As a community we REALTORS are growing.  Together we’re learning how to take on this new challenge in marketing and communication.  Each day I’m inspired by your questions to create new and better content to help you succeed.

I’ve learned so much in the last year and I owe it all to you, my readers, friends, and fellow REALTORs who have given me so much great feedback.  You’ve guided me in the right direction enabling me to help you better understand this New Media.

Next year is going to be another BIG year in SM.  In fact, I’m willing to bet you that by this time next year we won’t even be calling it Social Media anymore, it’ll just be New Media, maybe even just MEDIA.

Alright, without further delay here are my top picks for 2009.

Social Media for REALTORs | Best of 2009

  1. Are You Using Social Media to Listen? : In this post I challenged people to rethink how they were using SM.
  2. Social Media is an Attention Economy : This post reveals the secret currency of new media.  If you want people to “pay attention” to you, you have to “pay attention” to them.
  3. Do You Really Have Friends? :  This was an eye opener for some people.  What’s more important, Quality or Quantity?

Facebook for REALTORs | Best of 2009

  1. You Could be Using Facebook Wrong :  I think this one turned a lot of heads, I remember people actually getting offended just because of the title.  I guess the truth hurts.
  2. Facebook tips for REALTORs: Friends List and Privacy Settings :  This was one of my first video posts and the most successful with over 1,700 views to date.
  3. Building Facebook Fan Pages that Stick : This was an excellent netcast where I revealed ALL the steps I took to create the Official Real Estate Referral Group.

If you think this stuff was good, wait until Next Year…

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