Virtual Real Estate BarCamp: Interview with Jim Cronin the Big Daddy


Alright Gang, in an effort to keep the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp at the front of your mind I was able to snag an interview with the Big Daddy of the whole event, Jim Cronin.

Jim is one of the driving forces behind the VREBC. The vision he has for his company, the Real-Estate Tomato is what pushed him to create this smorgasbord of virtual real estate training. In this interview Jim and I discus the evolution of REALTOR websites, the rise of Social Media, and what you can expect to gain from attending the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp.

Register for the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp

You’re going to kick yourself in the butt if you don’t register for this event.  Some things you need to know are:

  • The fun starts at 9 am PST on January 4th, 2009
  • Check out the event calendar to choose your classes
  • It will cost you ZERO to attend
  • You can learn from the comfort of your own computer

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