• Hometeam

    Make sure you are preapproved! Trust your agent ………. and if you don't gel with your RE agent, FIRE them. Don't waste your time. The experience should be painless and pleasing. There are plenty of agents who can make your buying experience just as you invisioned.

  • I've never had anyone comment on the photo of a post and not the post itself. Kudos to you “HomeTeam.”

  • janeesejackson

    surround yourself with trusted advisors: your Realtor of choice, a reliable mortgage broker, a trusted CPA or financial advisor and keep your wits about you. And, finally buy the least you can buy and still be happy!

  • Make sure that you pick a lender that is reputable and trust worthy and get pre-approved for the amount you need to purchase your dream home.

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  • barbhauge

    Use a REALTOR, they are experts in real estate.

  • zabielski

    BUY NOW………. STOP WAITING…….. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

  • karencashman

    Work with a realtor that cares about you and puts you first in all of his/her actions.

  • tylerjeffries

    There are plenty of other options in new media, you don't need a Realtor and with a price tag that averages around $23,000 for listing a property it's pretty easy to see that the Internet will drive agents to the same fate as the travel agent. Done, gone, finished in 5-7 years. There is Craiglist,, etc. etc. and sooner or later one of those will turn from uncommonly known to blowing up the old model and creating the new.

  • Homefinder4u2001

    Find a Realtor in the area you want to purchase a home in and check them out, on line, they should have some testimonials…ask friends in the area, word of mouth is the best recommendation anyone can give. If you can’t ask friends then call that person that you think you want to use and ask them a few questions, if the conversation goes well and you have a good feeling about that person. If you don’t find a responsive person, keep looking.