Get Ready to Tackle Facebook | Free Training Today

With all the changes to Facebook I thought you’d be interested to know about today’s FREE Facebook training session.  Ross Hair from Social Media Marketing Camp has lined up 7 of the top experts in using SM tools for Real Estate.

Today you’ll learn:

  • How to use Facebook to find buyers and sellers
  • How to set up a local community group
  • How to use Fan pages to promote your Real Estate Business
  • How to convert Fan page visitors into real customers
  • How to use Facebook Ads for a fraction of the price of Google Ads
  • How to create a Social Media Marketing plan for this year

Here’s the breakdown of sessions and speaker….

  1. Ross Hair- Welcome- 12:00 pm EST
  2. Julia Kline- Social Media Marketing Strategy- 12:05 pm EST
  3. Sharon McNamara- Building Local Communities using Groups- 12:55 pm EST
  4. Jonathan Rivera (ME)- Building Communities using Fan Pages- 1:55 pm EST
  5. Mike Mueller – Converting Visitors to Customers-  2:30 pm EST
  6. Susan Lassiter Lyons- Using Facebook Ads- 3:15 pm EST
  7. Dave van de Walle- How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan 4:00 pm EST