Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

How would you like to have an edge over all the other Real Estate agents in your area?

Forget about Social Media, that’s yesterday’s news.  Web 3.0 is here and they’re calling it Mobile Marketing.  This type of marketing is hyper local, very targeted, and extremely effective.  This year Doug and I are putting a considerable amount of time into this new medium and I recommend you get on board this trend or you’ll kick yourself later.

Mobile marketing with the Real-TechGuy(s)

Watch this video to learn what Doug and I are working on in the mobile marketing space.

Mobile Marketing Training

We’ve signed up for the Stompernet mobile marketing training which starts soon.  Doug and I are offering to coach you through the training if you sign up.  That means you’ll have unlimited email access to me and Doug for your questions, plus we’ll do weekly webinars to go over what we’ve learned and strategize how you can actually use it in your business.

Two things you need to know:

  1. The training is not free, so if you can’t afford to invest in your business don’t bother….you’ll be disappointed.
  2. The link below IS an affiliate link, if you sign up we will make a few bucks.
  3. Oh, and one more thing…we’re offering the bonus email coaching and webinars to make sure you have the support you need to implement what you learn.  PLUS we’ll also give you the New Media Blueprint (a $497 value) for signing up.

I know that was three things and not two, but it’s always better to over deliver 😉  To learn more about the Stompernet mobile training or to sign up >>> Click HERE.

  • Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

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  • Mobile Marketing for Real Estate | Training | Special Offer

  • Mobile Marketing for Real Estate | Training | Special Offer

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    @amyoutloud @mayaREguru @JeffX @respres what do you think of this?

  • halicea99

    Jon and Doug, you are so right on this one. Everyone has internet, e-mail or text on their phone….. SO NOW is the time to jump on this and become the leaders in the RE industry and not the followers… way later down the road. The timing is ripe! The video is awesome! I look forward to learning more although this is not my arena I know it will catapult me in what I do.
    Thanks! Jon and Doug

  • sherimoritz

    I totally agree that mobile marketing is going to be the next wave and being able to communicate with consumers where they want to communicate with you is essential. So many people are using their smartphones for just about everything that without an “app” companies can not provide the service that many consumers are looking for today.

  • I look forward to learning more about how you guys plan on implementing mobile technology. Personally, I have setup mobile text and call systems for property details. I'm curious to know what route you suggest to go with mobile marketing. Love the web 3.0 terminology by the way!

  • We're trying to keep up with you on this one Henry 😉 I'm excited about the training to, last night was the first session and i already learned lots.

  • I have a feeling you were ahead of me on this one Sheri (with your cool iPhone app.) There's lots more to come, we're only scratching the surface.

  • We've got some big things in store Taylor. SMS is just on piece of the puzzle, there's so much more to explore. (thanks for the compliment)

  • sherimoritz

    I always learn from you and sure I will on this too but my iPhone app is pretty cool huh? 🙂 Did you see the Facebook fanpage for it where you can send yourself a text to auto download it and not have to search for it?

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