How to use Smart Marketing to Get More Leads

Last post I asked you if you were Tired of all the BS online and you replied with a resounding YES, now I’m going to show you how to use smart marketing to get more leads.

I’m going through this process just one step ahead of you so you can rest assured I’ll be sharing the freshest and most up to date info.  I’m posting everything I do right here so you can use it as a reference (we’ll also use the comments for Q&A.)  Make sure you Subscribe to my feed via email so you don’t miss any important pieces or discussions.

It’s your job to play along at home and DO the things I’m showing you so you can give us some feedback on the process in your neck of the woods.  Simple enough right?

If you’re not trying the stuff out, then why are you still reading this?  Knowledge is NOTHING without experience.  I’m going to do my best to keep this relatively low tech, because despite my name [Real-TechGuy] I like to keep things simple and effective.

This photo to the left is the entire game plan that we’ll be using to build our smart marketing to get more leads.

It’s a six step process where you test the market, find something that’s working, and build on it.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Using Smart Marketing: Keywords

Using smart keywords is the basis for being found online.  When people have a questions they go to a search engine like Google, type in their query, and google delivers results based on the words they typed.

So the first step to this marketing plan is to find good relevant keywords to help you be found in your market.  Now, I wish there was a quicker way to do keywords research, but the truth is you’re going to have to dig in and find out what people are searching for in your area if you want to get more leads online.

But don’t be intimidated, I’m bringing in some reinforcements to teach you some keyword research basics to get you going.  Keep an eye out  tomorrow when a certain Tech Savvy Agent delivers  a great post on how to search for great keywords that’ll deliver targeted traffic to your site.

PLUS…. I have a few extra tricks in store for the next few days, including a Podcast with Doug McIsaac on using good keywords to get more traffic through facebook pages.

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This new series is going to lay the groundwork for any smart marketer to use the internet to generate more leads.  If you’re playing along at home I suggest you subscribe to this blog so you’re up to date on what we’re doing and where we are in the process.  Remember this, it’s pointless to even read this if you’re not going to take action.