Leveraging New Media to get Old Media

Who says you can’t leverage New Media Marketing to get old media coverage?

Believe it or not, new media is a hot topic right now and journalist are always looking for good stories on it.  Recently (as in a few days ago) we were able to leverage a story that happened on Facebook to get front page coverage in the Orlando Sentinel.  Check out these photos and then I’ll tell you how you can use similar tactics to get print coverage in your area.

Orlando Sentinel | August 10th 2010

Front Page of the Sentinel

Can you see the value this can bring to your business yet?

Getting a story on the front page is great, but when they mention you by name it really does something for your credibility.  But, there’s even more…

Story continues on the back cover

Here’s where it got really interesting.  On the back cover they continued the story, the reporter (Mary Shanklin) really dove in and helped me out here.

Let me explain the 4 arrows:

  1. I’m quoted saying, “I do talks..” (That’s a plug for my speaking business)
  2. Photo: Hey, it’s me! (not to mention the same photo I use on the social networks)
  3. She mentions “Real-TechGuy” and goes even further saying that I consult business’ on how to use Social Media
  4. BONUS!  She even mentions my Real Estate brokerage.

Some thoughts on Old Media

Hey, no matter how much we want to do everything online, not everyone is here.  Getting old media exposure not only helps build your brand, but it’s a HUGE credibility booster.  People that may not know who you will become interested in you and knowing more about you.

I know I’m down on old media and print marketing all the time…but this is totally different.  Running a classified ad may not (WILL NOT) get you this kind of exposure, however when you make news….people notice.

Get some Old Media

You have to think about everything that you’re already doing to find out what may be news to your community.  Look, it doesn’t have to be front page news, it just has to be something that your community would find interesting.  Then (I recommend outsourcing this) create a media list and start submitting press releases.  Yeah, pretty simple but VERY effective.

Some Quick Tips for you

  • Make sure you have a press kit handy for reporters (including contact info, bio, and photos.)
  • Add a tab to your website for press releases (I’m in the process of doing this)
  • Get your story straight (make sure your branding and your messaging match)
  • Make friends in the press (then they’re more likely to help you)
  • …and last but not least- Do something fun and interesting once in a while.  It’s good for your health 😉


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  • I don’t know about that, but thanks 😉 Definitely an overlooked avenue for marketing >>They call it Marketing & PR for a reason. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Congrats on the coverage. HUGE for our space!

  • Thanks for the help getting the online coverage in the first place. You guys were instrumental in getting the page back!