If You Want to Be More Mobile, Read this Post.

If you’re reading this post I’m betting Mobile Marketing is important to you.  Nope, I’m not a mind reader.  I wreckin’ I’m just a lucky guesser, that’s all 😉

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So here’s the deal.  Over the last month we’ve been talking about Mobile Marketing for your business.  If you’ve been following along I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed with info.  But I know there’s one piece missing, the most important piece…

Putting it all together.

You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging, so I’ve decided the best way to put all the pieces together so you can start using this stuff would be to have you look over my shoulder while I do it.

And the easiest way to do that would be to invite you to a special webinar where I put together a mobile marketing funnel right before your very eyes.

If that sounds like fun then you need to follow these instructions carefully (cuz if you don’t you’ll miss out.)

Super Secret Mobile Marketing Training for You

This is not your average everyday webinar, that’s why we’re not going to take your average everyday approach to inviting you.  You’re going to have to be serious about mobile marketing to join us, and that means you need to be ready to use these tools right now.

So here’s how to get your invite…

Send a text message to 303.960.2259

In the subject of that text message you’ll need to type: RealTechTips

When you do that you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ve joined our mobile group.

After that, keep an eye out for my text message inviting you to the Super Secret Mobile Marketing Training.  Keep in mind, the only people that will receive invites are the people that follow the instructions above.

AND…if you don’t know how to do those steps above…don’t bother asking, because this training will be over your head.