How Do You Get Leads with Mobile Marketing?


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 19

Basically nothing else matters unless you know how to turn those Mobile Marketing prospects into real leads, right?

On this week’s Real-TechGuy Radio show we’re going to talk about some real working strategies that are guaranteed to get you new leads with your mobile marketing campaign.

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

  • Good morning! I was listening to your radio show. I am pretty upset with you that rebarcamp didn’t invite you to the bar camp or of the individual who assumed you would work for free! Sucks. I went to a bar camp last year at the Realtor Triple Play in AC, NJ and I have to say that the people who sponsored the event, the actual advertisers, never once reached out to me, which was a disappointment from a marketing perspective. I did like the sessions at the bar camp and got a lot out of it. With regards to mobile marketing, the only challenge that I have is keeping up with the pace of the leads calling me and then finding the time to service the leads. (I guess I have a good problem). . .

  • I was just venting on that whole Orlando BarCamp thing. No big deal.

    Thanks for listening in to the show, I hope you learned a thing or two— or at the very least hope you were entertained 😉

  • On this show, I was a little confused about the Costa Rica discussion, but I’ll give the show a shot a tweetout later today. Downloading your other shows for itunes for the car. I was surprised to see the shows labeled as explicit. . .lol

  • Yeah, we tend to carry things over a few shows and the Costa Rica trip was one of them– we had been talking about the upcoming trip for a week or two and we just got back.

    I’m thrilled you’ll be downloading the rest of them, there’s some pretty good stuff and we keep trying to get better. Of course it’s explicit, that way I can drop a four letter word here and there and not worry about it 😉

  • Angie

    May I review your show publicly on my blog? I will even let you read the review before I put it up? I listened to two shows thus far. Here’s are some of the postive takeaways thus far for me anyway:

    I listened to How to Build a List or List Building. The concept of soft lists, my facebook friends, twitter followers, and linkedin connections, . . .I never thought about these people as my “soft” list.

    Next would be the topic of spamming. I’ve posted affiliated links on someone else’s wall just to see the response. Your passion about how this made you feel made me rethink experimenting that way.

    Let me know either way if I can write my review and post it up. . .

  • That would be really cool Angie. How did you hear about our show in the first place? –and would you mind linking back to the shows you critique?

  • Angie

    I think you commented on Tech savvy agent’s wall. I friended you. You posted something up about mobile marketing and I landed on your site. I saw your podcasts and downloaded the shows so that I can take them with me on the road. I’ve been listening to you on the way to and from and in between appointments. Then again, I am a member of the Real Estate Referral Group. So, we might have connected that way.

    And, when I review the show, I will link back to you, no doubt.

    Angie Perez

  • Ahh yes, good old TSA – they were talking about mobile too weren’t they?

    You’re taking the shows on the road with you—now that’s the true definition of “Mobile.” Thanks again for listening!

    That would be great, send me a link when you get it done and I’ll see how I can help you promote it.