Its beginning to look a lot like AOL.

This month Facebook has made their takeover of the internet pretty obvious.  Less than two weeks ago they announced their big focus on Facebook Mobile.  This week they’re taking over our communication COMPLETELY with Facebook email.

They’ve got most of our Social Networking time, they’ve got  200,000,000 daily mobile users,  we’re sharing our photos here, and they’ve made the grab for our email communication.

Do you remember when AOL “was” the internet?

I got on the internet in 1994 with a shrink wrapped AOL Cd a dial up connection.  My Dad remembers this as the time I ran up a $1,000 phone bill for using long distance dial up.  Looking back, I consider that an investment in education.  Back then, AOL was the internet.

Do you see the opportunity?

At least for the near future Facebook IS the internet to 500,000,000 people (and growing daily.)  That means the person to your left and to your right is probably on Facebook.  Marketing has never been easier for the people that “Get it.”  Are you one of them?

  • Great post – I think when agents say “I don’t market on Facebook, they are really saying I don’t market on the Internet”…which sounds completely insane to most of us.

    Agents who don’t get instant results assume that its facebook, not them…

  • I guess the way we think of marketing has to shift in order to realize the real power of “new marketing.” We’ve gone from Push to Pull marketing – it doesn’t matter where we do it – facebook, twitter, linked in > the simple fact is that opportunity is surrounding us online – it’s up to us to learn how to leverage it to grow our business.