The Secret to Getting Things Done

Yesterday I gave you the first secret to getting things done [track your time]  Today I want to share the second Secret to Get More Done.


Elimination is the act of getting rid of all the crap that you don’t need.  You’d be surprised what you can live without when you’re serious about taking control of your time.  You may remember, I quit email communication some time in September and I’m doing fine – as a matter of fact – I’m better than fine – I have less crap to distract me from delivering a steady flow of relevant content to you.

Get More Done with Darin Persinger

On tomorrow’s RealTechGuy Radio show I’m bringing in Productivity Expert Darin Persinger (@DarinPersinger) from Productivity Junkies.  Darin and I are going to cover his Zen like approach to simplifying, de-cluttering, and getting things done.

Darin has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers and tomorrow’s interview is going to be stellar (ask me how I know.)  As always, the show will be live at 9 am EST and replays will be available in iTunes.