Are you using Social Media to Get More Leads?

Why are you online?  Is it to make friends?  Is it to have fun?  or Is it to Get More Leads?

If you’re doing any kind of online marketing have I got a treat for you.  For one full week we’re going to share the exact tools and strategies you need to get more leads. #Web5 Live is a virtual training event with one webinar per day for five days from four guys you know, like, and trust.

If you haven’t heard about this event you must be living under a rock.  Take a look at the Twitter Stream to catch up on all the buzz, chat with the speakers, and get some insight on how a product launch works.

Need more Info on Web5 Live?

Then why don’t you watch this interview I did with Dean Oullette (@DeanOullette) from RETV.

@Real_TechGuy joins RETV to discuss Web 5 Live from RETSO the Robot on Vimeo.