Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2011

If you want to get ahead of the curve, read this post and jump on these Digital Marketing trends.

Video:  More people will have their own “TV Stations” online.  The cameras are getting better and cheaper.  It’s getting easier to share and edit.  And you may not even be thinking about this yet, but the new TV’s have web apps on them like You Tube.  That means every one of us has to chance to be featured in someone’s Living Room on the “First Screen.”

If there’s one thing I learned from the Influence Project, it was the power of video.  People, just like you and me shooting videos that reach millions of other people —- just like You and Me.

Mobile:  If you thought Social Media was a big deal, wait until you see what happens with Mobile.  Did you know that over 200,000,000 people access Facebook mobile each day?

Mobile devices have been dubbed the “3rd Screen.”  First you have your television, then your computer, then your mobile device.  But which one of those can you have with you ALL the time?  You got it, the “3 rd Screen.”  But getting into that screen takes some planning and some content.

Social Search:  This is where the roads intersect between online networking and IRL (In Real Life.)  More and more we’re moving to a peer powered search based on your online Social Network.  People affiliated with you will find things that you have shared and found relevant.  Becoming the “taste maker” leads to more Influence.

SEO was about building content links.  Social Search is about building social links.

  • “taste maker”
    There’s a new one – meaning?

  • Like Chris Smith at TSA – he’s leading his tribe and introducing them to the new stuff – the stuff they get from him – which probably suits his “taste” in stories or tech or anything – make sense?

  • Yea, it does. Getting everything up and running is kicking my azz so definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s web5…

  • Eric

    great post!