Want your very own Mobile Recording Studio?

How would you like a sure fire way to never run out of content again?  Then do what I do and carry around a Mobile Recording Studio in your back pack.  Here’s a quick photo of my “studio.”

This is what I carry around everywhere everyday 😉

My Mobile Recording Studio

Here’s a list of the tools I use and why I use them.

13" Mac Book

I gotta have my Mac Book.  It’s the heart of my studio and makes putting it all together a breeze.  This is a content creators dream, the software lets you record and edit video and music right out of the box.  Once you learn how to use the operating system, life is a breeze.

Kodak Zi8

Anytime I need to shoot video I reach for my Kodak Zi8.  The video is crisp and clear, the re-moveable memory makes it easy to record for an entire day, and the external mic jack lets you improve your sound quality 100 fold.

Flip Mino HD

Yeah, I know it might be a little weird that I carry around two cameras, but I had my Flip Mino HD way before I got the Zi8.  The video on this camera is great (when in good lighting,) but the sound quality wasn’t always good.  The software is nice, especially for a PC user.  I carry this around as a backup, but I prefer the Zi8.

Nikon Coolpix S70

I’ll be honest, this Nikon S70 takes some amazing photos – but I hardly ever use it because of my iPhone.  It’s a great camera, lightweight, easy to use, with a lot of editing options built in.

Sprint MiFi

No matter where I am, I gotta have internet so I carry a Sprint MiFi.  I hear the Virgin MiFi is made by the same manufacturer, but their pricing plan is much better.  These devices are great for some light surfing, email, facebooking or tweeting – but I wouldn’t try to upload videos or anything like that because it might be too slow.

ATR-35s Mic

One of the biggest reasons I love the Zi8 is because you can plug in an external mic.  Sometimes sound quality is an issue with pocket digital video cameras.  I paired my Zi8 with this Audio-Technica ATR-35s to get some amazing video and sound.  Check out this video I recorded outside using these tools.

You might also want to grab a tripod and a good back pack and you’ll have your very own mobile recording studio.

PS- These are affiliate links, if you buy something I will make a shiny nickel or two.

  • Like the Zi8, then you will love the Playtouch (Zi10). Think Zi8 but slimmer and fits into your pocket a lot better. I use the sennheiser mke400 for my kodak, but have been looking for a lav mike so going with your recommendation and will get you a nice shiny nickel or two!

  • You’ve got me ready to grab that Zi10 Dean – when I’m in the market for another pocket camera – I’ll be checking that one out.

    BTW- I think you’ll like that lav mic, just remember to switch it off when not in use or you’ll be going through batteries like crazy.