Love me two times | eMail Segmenting case study

Guest Post by Darin Persinger

This blog post is meant to be read with The Doors and Jim Morrision, playing in the background. Go ahead an hit the play button on this video and get your read on.

I love social media.

I wouldn’t have a business without twitter and facebook. But, and that’s a big but, I wouldn’t have a business without email either.

In fact, I think email marketing for real estate agents is so huge that I’ve done Client Only Webinars for my 1 to 1 Coaching Clients. We’ve discussed things like:

  • what day of the week to send email
  • what time of day to send email
  • how often to send
  • the content and message
  • how many links in each email
  • …and more

Email marketing would fall into the segment of Lead Nurturing in my business development book, and a very important part of the process.

Lead Nurturing is basically how you stay in conversation, provide value from the point of initial conversion to appointment, or even to close.

Sure social media is cool and fun and hip, but email still works. Lets not fool ourselves.

People still check their email. They check it multiple times a day. They have it coming into their mobile phone. They have their email 24/7. I see this in my own business.

I have more people Mailchimp, I’m able to segment a list. Here is a real life example.

I sent an email out to my Impact Formula list, letting them know that Video #3 was up and ready for them.

I sent the email at 4:02 PM on Saturday. Maybe not the best time to send it, but I had the content up and because this is in the middle of a launch, I can’t afford to wait around.

That first email got a 40.65% open rate.

Not bad. But keep in mind, that this is a launch. The content is only going to be there for a specific time. I don’t want people to just save my emails to read at a later date. I need them to take action now!

So the next day, I sent the email again.

By using a email software, I’m able to go in and “segment” the list and send the exact same email, but now send it to only the people that DID NOT open the first email.

I sent the second email on Sunday at 12:13 pm. I did change the subject line, but did not change the content of the email.

This email had an open rate of 16.16%.

Let’s pretend that I sent the email to 100 people. That’s an additional 16 people seeing my email, my information, my offer.

By just a little bit of extra effort to increase something by 16% I think is well worth it.

Should you try segmenting your emails?


People might miss your emails. The time of day you sent it or the even the day you sent it.

I personally get over 250 emails a day. Not spam. That’s just the amount of emails coming into me. So imagine your target prospect.

  • Maybe they have a heavy work load that day or week.
  • Maybe they were in meetings or away at conferences.
  • Maybe you sent them an email just as they walk into a movie and by the time they got out, they received 25 more emails. So now your email is buried at the bottom of that pile.

Also, keep in mind, that not one single person unsubscribed from my emails or marked it as SPAM. They gave me permission to send them emails. They want my emails. This is way segmenting works and why you should start using email segmenting in your business.