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This month I thought I’d try something new to make
things a little easier for you ūüėČ

Every week I create a new episode of
RealTechGuy Radio for you.

The show is 30 minutes long and covers a variety of topics on how You can market your business better both on and off line (but mostly online.)

Just in case you missed any of the shows, I want to
bring you a recap + plus a few words on why I thought
each show was cool.

This is the first month I’m trying this, so I hope you
enjoy it.

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Just in case you wanted to catch up on
the show, I thought I’d make it easy by
delivering them here to you.

Interview with Krisstina Wise | Good Life Team

In Episode #41 Krisstina Wise came to visit
and shared some awesome insight into how
she’s built such a mega brand online.

This was one of the most donwloaded interviews¬†I’ve ever done.

She was really open about her
business and her success.

It’s definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re
running a small business (small is the new big.)

Interview with Benjamin Bach | KW Commercial

In Episode #42 benjamin Bach stops by to talk internet marketing strategy.

I think this was one of the most underrated shows of the month. Ben shared some ideas that I instantly put into action Рand the results were great.

Imagine Not Being Chained to Your Computer

Episode #43 was recorded on location in Park
City, Utah while my wife and I were having
a snowboarding adventure.

This show was all about the Cloud and the
apps that i use to keep my business running
even when I’m not around.

If you’re dreaming of living the Four Hour
Work Week, this show is for you.

eMail Marketing Strategy with Jimmy Mackin

In Episode #44 my buddy Jimmy Mackin stops by to sing the praises of eMail marketing.

He also shares how eMail marketing helped
him double the number of fans to his Facebook page and gives you some ideas on how you can do it to.

Hands down this was my FAVORITE show
of the month.

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