10 Mistakes you Don’t want to make when using WordPress


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 46

WordPress is hard enough when you start out, that’s why I’m going to share 10 common mistakes people make when using WordPress. And I’ll also share how to use WordPress correctly so you can avoid these mistakes.

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  • Lala Blaze

    it would be more useful if you’d get to the point.
    I listened to your pod and I’m still not sure what you were aiming at.
    also have you considered posting a synopsis so we understand what
    you are aiming at ?

    sorry I’m scratching my head and I didn’t subscribe.

  • The truth is my show is not for everyone, so it’s OK if it wasn’t for you 😉 Thanks for the synopsis idea, it’s a good one. I may have to implement that.

    Just wondering – how long did you listen to the “pod?”

    PS- I noticed you’re using a FAKE profile to comment, how come?

  • Hey Jonathan –

    Regarding your permalink tip and those that have a bunch of content currently published under a less-than-ideal permalink format … there’s actually a pretty good WP plugin called “Dean’s Permalink Migration” that allows you to change the link structure while not breaking the existing links that have been indexed or shared. It uses a “301 Redirect” that is search engine friendly.

    Might be worth checking out for some people…

    – Brian

  • Isela

    HI, Jonathan, I am new so please be patient. You discussed to use a static page but then how do I show my posts. I have the basic thesis just like your samples but when I change to a static page, then my blog page disappears,. How do i create a page for the blog roll and can i create a separate page for different blog posts? Need help, so confused.
    Thanks I love your show, i just started hearing some today because of Jimmy’s new Group! THANKS!