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RealTechGuy Radio Episode 50

Hey, it looks like my podcast plugin is having some technical issues.

Either way, I want to make sure you get this episode, because Drew shared some REALLY cool stuff.  You can download the episode by right clicking the link below.

Right Click —-> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realtechguyradio/2011/04/06/want-to-know-how-to-use-wordpress-strategically.mp3


I’m trying something new – if you like it let me know.

Scroll down to see the Live chat during the show.  Towards the end it got really lively when a debate about klout started. Some of the smart people in the chat included:

Chris Smith: Tech Savvy Agent

Angie Perez: Agent Know How

Nyssa Smith

John Ziemba

RealTechGuy Radio Episode 50

Today my buddy Drew Burks joins us to share some strategies to help you.

Last time Drew joined us on Episode #32 where he shared some ideas on Lifestyle Design and The Four Hour Workweek.

On this show you’ll learn:

  • Why You should be using WordPress
  • The 4 Biggest Mistakes when using WordPress & how to avoid them.
  • 3 Step Formula to writing great content

Plus I’ve added a little “easter egg” for you real fans 😉

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

HERE’s Bonus Chat:

*** (17:48:40):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.

RealTechGuy says (17:52:37):

Waussup yall?

RealTechGuy says (17:57:36):

TSA – we’re together AGAIN?  Twice in two days.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (17:58:45):

Everyday I’m hustlin

RealTechGuy says (17:59:49):

No kidding bro, I admire and respect that about you

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:00:00):


Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:00:03):

gift and the curse

RealTechGuy says (18:00:17):

Uh Yeah

RealTechGuy says (18:00:19):

Uh Yeah

NyssaSmith says to  (18:00:23):

Nyssa’s in the house!

RealTechGuy says (18:00:32):

Hey Nyssa, nice to see you again.

NyssaSmith says to  (18:00:43):

Right back at ch!

NyssaSmith says to  (18:00:45):


RealTechGuy says (18:00:47):


RealTechGuy says (18:01:29):

The Queue has inspired me to do video more

NyssaSmith says to  (18:01:57):

Video rocks!

RealTechGuy says (18:01:56):


Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:02:19):


ChristineGarber says to  (18:02:31):

hi everyone

NyssaSmith says to  (18:02:36):

I can’t hear anything yet.  Am I doing something wrong?

NyssaSmith says to  (18:02:42):

Hey Christine!

RealTechGuy says (18:02:43):

Facebook Traffic Blueprint???  MyFreeAudioGift <—- 93% conversion page

ChristineGarber says to  (18:03:11):

how long will this show be?

RealTechGuy says (18:03:14):

199 Referrals Last Month

RealTechGuy says (18:03:21):

30 minutes

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:03:35):

Do people actually call you Real Tech Guy? LOL

RealTechGuy says (18:03:45):

No one does

RealTechGuy says (18:03:49):

but I keep trying 😉

ChristineGarber says to  (18:03:54):

ok,… if i get called away, will it be available later?  (newbie questions)

RealTechGuy says (18:04:04):

Sure, especially in iTunes

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:04:25):


RealTechGuy says (18:04:24):

I’ll email you a link if you want Christime

ChristineGarber says to  (18:04:28):


NyssaSmith says to  (18:04:29):

I still can’t hear…

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:04:33):

you must have points on RAWre

RealTechGuy says (18:04:35):

Refresh page Nyssa

NyssaSmith says to  (18:04:43):

Ok.  Will do

ChristineGarber says to  (18:04:48):

please do,..that will help

RealTechGuy says (18:04:52):

Raw hired me to help them sell ***

NyssaSmith says to  (18:05:09):

Woo!  Now I can hear!  Thanks!  😀

RealTechGuy says (18:05:09):

I need working sales funnels – hardly anyone has them

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:05:10):

Smart move by them

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:05:25):

hardly anyone has tribes and trust

RealTechGuy says (18:05:35):

I can’t wait to come back and be their Super Affiliate 😉

JohnZiemba says to  (18:05:40):

still cant hear

RealTechGuy says (18:05:40):

Bonus at end of show 😉

RealTechGuy says (18:05:46):

Refresh John

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:05:58):

nice! I like bonuses

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:06:18):

FWIW I can hear just fine

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:06:23):

but I am on a Mac 🙂

RealTechGuy says (18:06:29):

It’s actually clips from our phone conversation before the interview

RealTechGuy says (18:07:39):

No problem – Chris and I fixed that Page 😉 thanks TSA

NyssaSmith says to  (18:07:40):


JohnZiemba says to  (18:08:08):

Still cant hear 🙁 it says on air

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:08:14):

heck ya we did in 24 hours baby

RealTechGuy says (18:08:19):

Weird John- try different browser

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:08:34):

For those of you that can not hear please call the number

NyssaSmith says to  (18:08:49):

I had same problem John, but when I hit refresh it worked.  I’m on a Mac

RealTechGuy says (18:08:51):

That page comes up in google search for tech savvy agent (even when not logged into my account)  THANKS

NyssaSmith says to  (18:09:28):

Content Management System.  I like thinking of it like that.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:09:36):

those companies are screwed btw

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:09:39):

all of them

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:09:44):

every single one

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:09:55):

24 months max before they are not selling

JohnZiemba says to  (18:09:58):

Firefox to the rescue woo hoo

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:10:07):

careful Drew I get royalties when you say Tech Savvy

NyssaSmith says to  (18:10:16):

Yay John!

RealTechGuy says (18:10:22):

Welcome John

JohnZiemba says to  (18:10:29):


RealTechGuy says (18:10:43):

Funny Chris, you really think so?

AudelizPerez says to  (18:11:09):


RealTechGuy says (18:11:19):

Hey Hey Angie – you made it to the 50 PARTY 😉

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:11:40):

people look to the thought leaders for what to do and NONE of them are saying anything but WP

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:11:46):

hey Angie

AudelizPerez says to  (18:11:49):

yeah! I had to download firefox. long story for my late arrival

AudelizPerez says to  (18:11:52):


NyssaSmith says to  (18:11:55):

h1 tag – float the text over the image.  Is that what he said?

RealTechGuy says (18:12:07):

I think so Nyssa

AudelizPerez says to  (18:12:10):

You’re back from Conference row!

NyssaSmith says to  (18:12:23):

P – A – R – T – Y

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:12:23):

h1 h2 permalinks all confuse me big time so I can imagine agents

RealTechGuy says (18:12:22):

I’m considering having transcripts done for the show – would that be helpful?

RealTechGuy says (18:12:44):

That’s why I use WP – makes that a lot easier to manage.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:13:58):

100% the truth

RealTechGuy says (18:13:57):

We talk more about this in the bonus at the end

RealTechGuy says (18:14:16):

HAAAA Just what you said TSA

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:14:23):

If you do 100 push ups a day…

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:14:25):

same theory

RealTechGuy says (18:15:23):

Here comes the formula

RealTechGuy says (18:15:35):


NyssaSmith says to  (18:15:41):

We want traffic!  😉

RealTechGuy says (18:15:40):

Who’s reading this?

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:15:56):

This is A+ advice guys

RealTechGuy says (18:15:57):


NyssaSmith says to  (18:15:59):

Why… good thought.

NyssaSmith says to  (18:16:16):

Who… another good thing to think about

VictoriaJacobs says to  (18:16:29):

WOuld love a Word press for dummies

NyssaSmith says to  (18:16:46):

LOL!  Yep!

NyssaSmith says to  (18:16:55):

(that was to Victoria)

RealTechGuy says (18:16:56):

Check out the hashtag #TheInfluenceMethod for some WP training.

NyssaSmith says to  (18:17:05):

What will they type into Google to get it.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:17:09):

I have the For Dummies market cornered 🙂

NyssaSmith says to  (18:17:17):


VictoriaJacobs says to  (18:17:28):

TSA, yes you do why do you think I am following you

RealTechGuy says (18:17:34):

I wonder how to get the “For Smart People” market covered?  I’d like to be there 😉

Susie Blackmon says to  (18:17:44):

Dummies like a fox.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:17:48):

I have that one too Jon 🙂

NyssaSmith says to  (18:17:53):

Good one Susie!  🙂

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:17:56):

hey Susie

Susie Blackmon says to  (18:18:00):

Hi there.

RealTechGuy says (18:18:01):

Coppyblogger is running that on their podcast – love it

RealTechGuy says (18:18:23):

You got all markets covered.  I may have a few of each.

NyssaSmith says to  (18:19:26):


RealTechGuy says (18:19:52):

Content is King

RealTechGuy says (18:20:02):

it’s the key to inbound marketing.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:20:23):

Content leads to context which leads to trust which leads to sales

RealTechGuy says (18:20:24):

been doing that with coaching students lately

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:20:30):

most won’t even do the content piece

NyssaSmith says to  (18:20:31):

Good advice!

NyssaSmith says to  (18:20:47):

Video interview…Hmmm…I’m on it!  🙂

RealTechGuy says (18:20:54):

DAMN TSA —-> I’ve been thinking about that and you nailed it in 12 words

RealTechGuy says (18:21:00):

“Tweet Worthy”

NyssaSmith says to  (18:21:27):

Oh yea!  Love it: Tech Savvy Agent: Content leads to context which leads to trust which leads to sales

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:21:46):

*tips hat*

summitareahomes says to  (18:22:05):

Hey Angie!

AudelizPerez says to  (18:22:16):


Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:22:47):


RealTechGuy says (18:23:22):


RealTechGuy says (18:23:32):

uh oh

RealTechGuy says (18:23:54):

KLOUT = BS? I think they fixed it since then

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:24:04):

just sayin 70 Klout

RealTechGuy says (18:24:07):


NyssaSmith says to  (18:24:10):

Their both important IMHO (twitter/facebook)

RealTechGuy says (18:24:19):

I rock the FB stats on klout

RealTechGuy says (18:24:32):

special bonus

AudelizPerez says to  (18:24:35):

KLOUT matters b2b not so much b2c. just my opinion.

NyssaSmith says to  (18:24:38):

Oh yea oh yea RTG!!!

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:24:41):

HootSuite sort by Klout is pure gold

RealTechGuy says (18:24:41):


Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:24:52):

I disagree Angie

AudelizPerez says to  (18:25:06):

I knew you would chris

RealTechGuy says (18:25:17):

OH CRAP – guss I’ll have to fix that later

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:25:23):

when you look for hashtags in your market and then sort by Klout you can instantly find the c’s that matter

VictoriaJacobs says to  (18:25:32):

TSA your tidbits are pure gold, frig I am siging up today for hoot sutie Suzanne uses something else but I am going to check it out for myself

JohnZiemba says to  (18:25:34):

Im with Angie on this one Chris

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:25:59):

Most people think things don’t work that they don’t truly understand

RealTechGuy says (18:26:07):

That matter in this space

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:26:09):

Jon now I lost audio

RealTechGuy says (18:26:17):

Yeah, I ended the show

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:26:27):


RealTechGuy says (18:26:29):

The recording got screwed up so I’ll fix it later on the podcast

VictoriaJacobs says to  (18:26:33):

thats it 30 min?

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:26:36):

great stuff from Mr Drew Burks

RealTechGuy says (18:26:40):

short and sweet

AudelizPerez says to  (18:26:46):

didn’t you say 70% of tweets go unread?

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:27:09):

exactly so why interact with all the lame people on Twitter

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:27:14):

you are making the case for me

AudelizPerez says to  (18:27:18):

I don’t know Chris, I will let you know if Klout gets me the listing on my listing appointment

RealTechGuy says (18:27:19):

Klout isn’t just twitter stats – it shows how your network uses your contetn, doesnt it?

NyssaSmith says to  (18:27:20):

So no audio now.

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:27:28):

by using Klout you pinpoint the people who might actually help you make money

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:27:43):

Again not the point Angie

NyssaSmith says to  (18:27:47):

Great call Jonathan!  Thank you!  You rocked the HOUSE!

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:27:48):

you are looking at it wrong

AudelizPerez says to  (18:28:00):

I am looking at it the agent way

JohnZiemba says to  (18:28:02):

Im going to try that on the next listing appointment.  I have a klout score of 58 what does the other 3 agents have

RealTechGuy says (18:28:07):

There’s a GAP – angie has agent perspective on this —- it’s different from what you and I do Chris

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:28:25):

guys you are thinking about YOUR klout score

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:28:30):

which I agree is meaningless

ChristineGarber says to  (18:28:40):

thanks for the the help,.. love all the tips, bye

AudelizPerez says to  (18:28:49):

yes, good tips

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:28:52):

but what if you could eliminate all the time it would normally take to find influencers in your market?

summitareahomes says to  (18:28:53):

Great content!!

RealTechGuy says (18:29:07):

Thanks for tuning in CG

RealTechGuy says (18:29:16):

Glad you liked it Summit

NyssaSmith says to  (18:29:20):

My Klout score is a 32… Is that good?  Or bad?  Anyone know?

JohnZiemba says to  (18:29:25):

Chris, have you done a post on how to find the influencers in your market

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:29:39):

Meaningless Nyssa

RealTechGuy says (18:29:39):

I agree the klout thing is priceless – when I saw that I bought an account

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:29:42):

just be real

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:29:52):

yes it was in the Queue

JohnZiemba says to  (18:29:53):

Nyssa, its not how big the score is, its how you work with the people you influence

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:30:05):


RealTechGuy says (18:30:09):

I think the KLOUT advantage is for us seeking oppertunities not so much them finding us

NyssaSmith says to  (18:30:11):

Got it!  Thanks!

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:30:12):

last clip

RealTechGuy says (18:30:36):

John is on the money

NyssaSmith says to  (18:30:54):

Thanks for the link TSA

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:31:03):

exactly listen don’t talk

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:31:09):

just like everything else in social

summitareahomes says to  (18:31:12):

changed my marketing name from jamesrembish to summitareahomes and it’s working out well…….. guess I have KLOUT!!

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:31:15):

here is a great Klout chat

RealTechGuy says (18:31:17):

Just like everything else in LIFE

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:31:30):


JohnZiemba says to  (18:31:55):

I think the problem I have, is I talk shop on twitter and havent used it to find anyone within 20 miles of where I am at

AudelizPerez says to  (18:32:07):

klout would be = page rank then, those are the people to follow, the one with credibility and ability to influence

RealTechGuy says (18:32:21):

Guess what – I was able to capture this whole chat – now I’ll post it under the podcast episode as show notes 😉

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:32:40):

exactly Angie

Tech Savvy Agent says to  (18:32:50):

user error John

JohnZiemba says to  (18:33:25):

Yup 100% user error

RealTechGuy says (18:33:57):

Yo Chris & John & Susie & Nyssa & Angie – thank you for having coffee with me 😉