What if you knew the answers to these questions?

  • How can online marketing work for me?
  • How do I set up WordPress?
  • How do I create a landing page?
  • How do I create content?
  • Which Sites should I focus on?
  • How do I convert traffic into leads?

Then you’d have Everything You Need to Succeed, right?

You’re in luck, because I’ve decided to arm you with everything you need to get more leads, build your brand, and have your business showing up in search results within 30 days.

It’s called “The Influence Method.”

This month you’re in for a treat because I’m going to share some of the coolest stuff from “The Influence Method” with my subscribers.

Want a front row seat to all the best stuff?

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The Four Pillars of Internet Marketing

This month’s content will be created and shared on the networks I mentioned above.   Next month repurpose into The Influence Method training & ebook – which will be available for sale 😉

This system is based on four proven principles I call the “4 Pillars of Internet Marketing.”

These four pillars are the foundation for ANY marketing campaign online. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more detail on all four pillars, including some examples and case studies.

For today, I want to whet your appetite with a quick overview.

*Disclaimer – This is NOT ground breaking information, it’s just me telling you what you already knew (in the back of your mind.)

Pillar #1: WordPress – everything starts and ends right here.

Pillar #2: Network – some people say your network = your net worth.

Pillar #3: Content – everyone knows content is King (or queen?)

Pillar #4: Get the lead – do I even have to say anything? No leads = No business.

See, it’s not Rocket Surgery – anyone can do it with a little help.

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