What plugins do you use on Your WordPress Site?

I know, it’s kinda weird that I’m writing this post yet I’m asking what plugins you use on your WordPress site — I’m not being lazy, I swear 😉

Surfing Twitter a few days ago I stumbled upon this cool new “list tool” reading the Scoble’s feed. If you’re reading this post via email, you’re gonna need to visit thew site to check this out. Click on this post title to visit the site.


In order to play along at home, you’re gonna want to get familiar with list.ly.

  • Make collaborative, shareable lists
  • Discover and Contribute
  • Embed interactive lists in your website/blog

Here’s a cool video about >> list’ly

“What’s this got to do with WordPress?”

What better way to test a new tool than do something useful with it, right?  So me and a few friends started a new list of our favorite WordPress Plugins.

You can read the list, vote on your favorites, and even add your own.  Check it out:

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