Online Video Marketing Strategies with Nyssa Smith


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 53

On today’s show special guest Nyssa Smith shares the online video marketing strategies she’s using to get thousands of video views and close more deals.

Internet video marketing is one of the quickest ways to build a brand and today’s show will give you a foundation to start using it in your business.

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

<----Begin Chat---->

*** (17:49:14):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (17:50:18):
Hey Hey Hey, welcome to RealTechGuy Radio #53 “Video Marketing Strategies with Nyssaa Smith”
NyssaSmith says to (17:58:13):
Good morning!
RealTechGuy says (17:59:13):
hi there Nyssa, nice to see you.
NyssaSmith says to (18:01:42):
NyssaSmith says to (18:01:45):
Nice to be here!
RealTechGuy says (18:05:28):
RealTechGuy says (18:05:48):
RealTechGuy says (18:06:35):
Me likes it 😉
RealTechGuy says (18:08:03):
Tuesday Tours have been going on for one year already – nice.
NyssaSmith says to (18:08:23):
Yep! Thanks!
NyssaSmith says to (18:08:42):
Nice to see lots of guests!
RealTechGuy says (18:09:01):
I love yelp >>>
RealTechGuy says (18:09:13):
<<< Yelp Elite RealTechGuy says (18:10:20): Community vides get more hits then house videos. NyssaSmith says to (18:10:45): Yep, the community videos get lots of hits! RealTechGuy says (18:11:33): Give us your whole strategy (6) RealTechGuy says (18:12:45): Started by creating videos of your caravan - that's easy. RealTechGuy says (18:13:30): Realized it didn't have to be JUST a listin - tour community or business or ??? NyssaSmith says to (18:13:46): Pay attention to anything local! All things local. Yep, it all started with caravan. Looking at new listings. Shooting them. NyssaSmith says to (18:14:02): Pay attention to all things local. New businesses, festivals, etc. RealTechGuy says (18:14:26): The community embraced it ---- they love to see themselves. Especially other business owners - then the sharing happens. NyssaSmith says to (18:15:07): Yes, tag them if you can. They love to see themselves. RealTechGuy says (18:15:24): Don't put all your eggs in the Facebook basket 😉 RealTechGuy says (18:15:44): OOOOOOH tool time. RealTechGuy says (18:15:49): She uses Flip RealTechGuy says (18:15:52): Tripod RealTechGuy says (18:16:12): MAC and iMovie (YES!) RealTechGuy says (18:16:31): I like to edit in screenflow to add special effects. NyssaSmith says to (18:16:54): FlipShare is so easy. It's a great way to start. NyssaSmith says to (18:17:10): Oh yes, screenflow is great, too. RealTechGuy says (18:17:22): Started out using the Flip Share software (Flip has been discontinued, I recommend a Zi8 ) RealTechGuy says (18:18:12): Must be nice to have a graphoc desinger in the family NyssaSmith says to (18:18:18): Or even the Kodak PlayTouch. I've been thinking about that one. NyssaSmith says to (18:18:28): It even has image stabilization. NyssaSmith says to (18:19:04): Idea and a dream! I LOVE that! NyssaSmith says to (18:19:20): $$$ Yes, it does turn into dollars!!! RealTechGuy says (18:21:00): That's my fabvorite part ROI 😉 NyssaSmith says to (18:21:25): That home sold in only 28 days on market! NyssaSmith says to (18:21:35): So yes, it did sell! 🙂 RealTechGuy says (18:21:56): Quick tips to be like Nyssa 😉 NyssaSmith says to (18:22:00): Oops! I'm sorry, only 27 days! RealTechGuy says (18:22:06): AWESOME! RealTechGuy says (18:22:21): Playtouch - havn't gotten there yet LyndaWhite says to (18:22:26): Hi everybody, my husband's dying to get a Sony..not the bloggie, but a slightly bigger one. Are there any disadvantages? RealTechGuy says (18:22:35): Wide Angle Lens is a great idea NyssaSmith says to (18:22:37): Hello Lynda! LyndaWhite says to (18:22:48): Hi Nyssa 🙂 RealTechGuy says (18:23:02): Get your own WordPress Site GIRL!!! RealTechGuy says (18:23:24): Strtagies Flipped when you ran out of houses LyndaWhite says to (18:23:26): *cringes* NyssaSmith says to (18:23:38): I haven't used the Kodak PlayTouch, but I've seen it in action. I would recommend that one. With a wide angle lens. NyssaSmith says to (18:23:55): I haven't tried any of the Sony ones Lynda. RealTechGuy says (18:23:59): Keep an eye on community events, festivals, anything that you can take your camera to and get some footage. LyndaWhite says to (18:24:13): thanks! RealTechGuy says (18:24:21): Make sure you give folks a way to SEE THE VIDEO you film with them (Excellent tip!!!) NyssaSmith says to (18:24:27): Yes, Jonathan, that's what I'd like to do this year. A WordPress site! RealTechGuy says (18:24:36): Have the site on your card - give it to them so they can find the video. LyndaWhite says to (18:24:40): Me too. RealTechGuy says (18:24:44): Get busy girls! NyssaSmith says to (18:24:46): Yes, take your camera with you ALL the time. NyssaSmith says to (18:25:05): Yes, learn from my mistakes. NyssaSmith says to (18:25:22): Have it on your business card so you can give them so they know where to go to find it. NyssaSmith says to (18:25:30): And then THEY share it on their site. NyssaSmith says to (18:26:04): Awwwwwwe! Thank you Jonathan! LyndaWhite says to (18:26:28): Link please 🙂 I was late to the party NyssaSmith says to (18:27:37): Thanks so much Jonathan and all those who tuned in! RealTechGuy says (18:27:48): Great stuff Nyssa - thank you so much for sharing! NyssaSmith says to (18:28:03): Btw, add me on Yelp Jonathan. RealTechGuy says (18:28:11): I thought I did? RealTechGuy says (18:28:20): I'll have to double check - thanks for the rminder 😉 NyssaSmith says to (18:28:23): Oh, ok. Cool thanks! NyssaSmith says to (18:28:39): Lynda, where can I find you? I'll add you as a friend. NyssaSmith says to (18:29:08): I'm here: NyssaSmith says to (18:29:22): and here: LyndaWhite says to (18:29:34):,, I'll find you on Yelp RealTechGuy says (18:29:46): Awesome - thanks and make it a great day!

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