22 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Agent Business Plan


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 57

When I asked the members of The Real Estate Referral Group, “What advice you would give an agent starting out in the business today?”

I had no clue it would turn into such a great discussion.

24 hours and 44 comments later the “Real Estate Agent Business Plan” was born (with a little tweaking by me.)

On today’s show I’m going to share 22 tips that’ll help you:

  • Get the right mindset
  • Set the groundwork for success
  • Market your real estate business and get more leads

All that delivered to you in thirty minutes – you know you want to hear it.

See you there 😉


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  • Will try to make the show ! 

  • I bring in to you every Wednesday at 9 am on Blog Talk Radio Chris – you’re welcome to stop in anytime and join us 😉  But iTunes is a pretty good option too.

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  • So, are you an agent in AMERICA?  Or did you just higher a Virtual Assistant from a foreign country to leave comments and links back on your behalf.  I’m not even going to delete this so people can see how ridiculous this is.

  • Joe

    How do i improve my real estate business ??