Craigslist Marketing for Success & Profit with Sheri Moritz


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 59

If you want to know how to use craigslist to get more leads and close mored deals, but don’t know where to start – Today’s show is For You.


On this show my friend Sheri Moritz stops by to share her best tips on how she’s using craigslist to sell more houses.

You can catch up with Sheri on Facebook –> On Her Sales Trainer Page.

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

<----- Begin Chat ----->

*** (07:55:39):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:04:43):
Good morning Lynda
LyndaWhite says to (08:07:05):
Good morning Robert! I sent you an example Craigslist ad on Twitter as requested.
LyndaWhite says to (08:07:41):
I’m a groupie ๐Ÿ˜‰
AgentKnowHow says to (08:07:44):
19 years OMG
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:08:49):
Sheri totally rocks! I just had to hear what she has to say about CL
Robert Schwabe says to (08:11:28):
Thanks. would you like to see on of my ads?
LyndaWhite says to (08:11:45):
Yes! I would.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:15:09):
Lynda looks good I just twittered the link
LyndaWhite says to (08:15:53):
I have to give Ben Kinney credit although I tweaked it with the “diamonds” so I could easily distinguish it from the others.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:15:58):
I’d like to see the link
LyndaWhite says to (08:16:15):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:16:22):
LyndaWhite says to (08:17:09):
Robert I like your call to action
Robert Schwabe says to (08:17:18):
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:17:26):
They both look great! How do you create the diamonds!
LyndaWhite says to (08:17:48):
Hold down Alt and hit the number 4
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:18:08):
Thanks, Lynda!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:18:34):
Nice, bulleted lists attracted me.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:19:07):
Hey Debi
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:19:17):
Hey Robert!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:19:41):
That louieville house looks nice!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:05):
When I went back to the site the sign up popup came up. is that house you (Lynda) are getting leads
Rob Melone says to (08:20:30):
Work Smart – Not Hard
LyndaWhite says to (08:20:51):
yes, it lets you look at 2 or 3 pages first before asking for your information.
CarolBauza0 says to (08:20:52):
I’m going to be a Sherri GROUPIE!!!!!
LyndaWhite says to (08:21:23):
Thanks, did you see the pool? Sometimes I post that too, but get better results from just one pic
LyndaWhite says to (08:21:47):
I had one guy tell our lead agent that the pool looks fake. LOL it is nice.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:22:37):
Agents have to define the length of a marketing campaign. Always be testing!
Robert Schwabe says to (08:23:44):
Debi when you go to Craigslist ad tracker go to Fancy Ad Titles tab to make the icons
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:25:16):
Thanks, Robert! I have been adding V-Flyer on CL and the Nigerian guys have been stealing the photos left, right and center!
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:25:31):
I like the idea of one photo.
LyndaWhite says to (08:27:47):
I used to do Postlets on Craigslist with NO results.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:27:49):
me too. Gives the prospect a rason to click
AgentKnowHow says to (08:28:01):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:28:16):
Debi text ads seem so much better with a link to that goestothe exact listing on your website.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:28:30):
Poslets I do for syndication
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:28:44):
yeah and I like what you and Lynda have done. Thanks for sharing!
LyndaWhite says to (08:29:30):
I still do postlets and vyoos, I just don’t post them on CL.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:30:06):
same here
LyndaWhite says to (08:30:13):
I’ll have to listen again myself, because I had to make some phone calls in between to set up showings. Thanks Sheri and Jonathan! ๐Ÿ™‚
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:30:26):
Thanks guys!
RealTechGuy says (08:30:26):
Wowsers, looks like I missed a great chat
AgentKnowHow says to (08:30:52):
good show
Robert Schwabe says to (08:30:59):
great show
RealTechGuy says (08:30:59):
Sheri was AWESOME!
RealTechGuy says (08:31:07):
Thank you guys for tuning in
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:31:32):
Sheri IS awesome! Thanks or havng her on–she alway has great tips!
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:31:39):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:32:00):
Debi if you have any question give me a call
RealTechGuy says (08:32:01):
I think I need to pull her back in for a webinar – she’s got more tips she’s holding back ๐Ÿ˜‰
LyndaWhite says to (08:32:15):
Yes, do that!
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:32:19):
Will do, Robert! Thanks for being my personal trainer!!
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:32:36):
LOL @RealTechGuy!
RealTechGuy says (08:33:06):
If you guys go to you can grab a copy of the Craigslist manual
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:33:11):
She truly is a wealth of knowlege and shares so well with others!
Robert Schwabe says to (08:36:08):
I just got a lead from Craigs list while I was listening to the show
Debe in Charlotte says to (08:41:59):
That’s fantastic, Robert! Turn that lead into a client!

  • Craigslist is requiring us to phone verify our accounts everyday now. I’ve heard of services that provide you with phone numbers to use with is verification.

    Do you know of any?

  • I have had this issue before – it’s usually tied to your IP or Browser at the time of posting.

    I have 2 accounts that I use to post – I always make sure to be at the same IP address and use the same browser. ย This cuts down the phone verification requests to once per week for me.