Want to Avoid Spam & Scams on Craigslist?


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 60

The premise of today’s show is pretty simple, I’m going to share 4 tips to avoid the Spam & Scams on Craigslist so you can get more leads and do more deals hassle free.

After removing these roadblocks you’ll have no excuse now to use Craigslist as part of your marketing mix.

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

<-----Begin Chat----->

*** (07:53:57):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (07:57:14):
Hey Rob & Lynda – nice to see you both.
LyndaWhite says to (07:57:34):
Hello everybody! 🙂
RealTechGuy says (07:57:48):
Whats that topic idea you have Rob?
Robert Schwabe says to (07:58:58):
Good Morning
Robert Schwabe says to (07:59:10):
I sent you a DM on Twitter
RealTechGuy says (07:59:20):
I’ll check after the show, thanks Rob
LyndaWhite says to (08:01:38):
Craigslist is AWESOME
LyndaWhite says to (08:01:56):
It’s keeping me in a job. lol
Robert Schwabe says to (08:02:47):
Craigslist does suck to everybody else. But, I have to say I have 50 leads in the past 30 days
AgentKnowHow says to (08:03:59):
Hi Lynda and Robert.
LyndaWhite says to (08:04:12):
*waves at Angie*
AgentKnowHow says to (08:04:29):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:04:47):
Good Morning
Robert Schwabe says to (08:05:00):
KrisanneRivera says to (08:05:07):
good morning!
JohnZiemba says to (08:05:38):
JohnZiemba says to (08:05:43):
No rants
KrisanneRivera says to (08:05:54):
haha make me a believer!
Robert Schwabe says to (08:05:59):
does anybody want a link to one of my ads on Craigslist?
LyndaWhite says to (08:06:00):
My boss told me to keep doing what I’m doing. But it’s not just CL it’s Facebook and Twitter and blogs too. It’s taken time but it’s getting ready to explode.
KrisanneRivera says to (08:06:13):
yes robert i do
Robert Schwabe says to (08:07:01):
JohnZiemba says to (08:07:11):
Does any sell in an area, where they can lease rentals
LyndaWhite says to (08:07:39):
I posted a rental on CL yesterday afternoon and got 2 calls within 5 minutes.
JohnZiemba says to (08:08:37):
I have recieved over 15 inquires from 8 CL posts in the last 2 days
AgentKnowHow says to (08:08:48):
nice job Krisanne Awesome Ad
KrisanneRivera says to (08:09:17):
thanks robert, looks good
KrisanneRivera says to (08:10:03):
Our houses for sale are being shown as rentals, always a scam. drives me nuts so i steer my clients away from it
Robert Schwabe says to (08:10:09):
thanks Krisanne
MissyCaulk says to (08:11:15):
We list rentals here in the MLS, set up forms so many of them.
LyndaWhite says to (08:11:50):
Great idea Jonathan. Tip #3 Have rental packet ready.
KrisanneRivera says to (08:13:05):
like that idea
KrisanneRivera says to (08:14:02):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:14:03):
Hey Missy
MissyCaulk says to (08:14:36):
Hi Guys! Love the tips, may have to try again, as I stopped CL due to so much spam.
KrisanneRivera says to (08:15:12):
google alerts, never thought of that. love it
JohnZiemba says to (08:15:30):
I had over 15 responses to this ad
JohnZiemba says to (08:15:34):
JohnZiemba says to (08:16:07):
I couldnt believe it, phone, text and inquires
MissyCaulk says to (08:16:38):
Love short and sweet. Thanks!
LyndaWhite says to (08:16:55):
Thank you.
RealTechGuy says (08:17:05):
You guys are AWESOME
Robert Schwabe says to (08:17:08):
Looks good John
RealTechGuy says (08:17:09):
Hope that wasn’t too short
KrisanneRivera says to (08:17:11):
thank you, great tips.
RealTechGuy says (08:17:27):
Hopefully they help you krisanne
Robert Schwabe says to (08:17:37):
I never thought about Google Alerts
RealTechGuy says (08:17:49):
That was one of the best ones I picked up
KrisanneRivera says to (08:17:53):
Im going to give it a try. Yes google alerts is a great idea to catch scams fast
RealTechGuy says (08:18:00):
For shizzle
LyndaWhite says to (08:18:04):
I missed that..set up Google alert for the headline?
RealTechGuy says (08:18:09):
For the address
LyndaWhite says to (08:18:18):
Oh. thanks!
RealTechGuy says (08:18:21):
that way you can keep an eye on all your listing that you market through CL
JohnZiemba says to (08:18:36):
do you guys put the address in your cl ads?
Robert Schwabe says to (08:18:36):
lynda for the property address
LyndaWhite says to (08:18:38):
How simple and effective
KrisanneRivera says to (08:19:08):
that was my favorite tip! Thank you and everyone enjoy the day!
LyndaWhite says to (08:19:09):
I do not put the address in most of the time, just the subdivision
RealTechGuy says (08:19:09):
I think that’s the shortest show I’ve ever done
Robert Schwabe says to (08:19:27):
quick and to the point
RealTechGuy says (08:19:27):
I use the address – schools – and anything esle that’ll help my SEO
RealTechGuy says (08:19:52):
ANGIE – didn’t even see you there or I wouldv’e given you a shout out
LyndaWhite says to (08:20:22):
She’s hiding 😀
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:24):
Hi Jon
RealTechGuy says (08:20:27):
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:30):
I got a call
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:32):
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:34):
RealTechGuy says (08:20:36):
LyndaWhite says to (08:20:54):
Good job Angie!
Robert Schwabe says to (08:20:57):
I have to hunt down some of Sherri’s ads. see what she is doing. what time does she usually post?
RealTechGuy says (08:21:11):
She’s gonna share some REALLY cool stuff in tomorrows webinar
AgentKnowHow says to (08:21:21):
I have to download the program later. I missed most of the show. 🙁
JohnZiemba says to (08:21:29):
Well guys, I have to go post some CL ads 🙂 have a great day
RealTechGuy says (08:21:32):
No worries – it was my shortest show ever 😉
RealTechGuy says (08:21:41):
You too John, thanks for tuning in.
JohnZiemba says to (08:21:49):
Thanks for the info
RealTechGuy says (08:21:55):
My Pleasure.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:22:22):
Thanks Jon have a good day with your brother.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:22:58):
RealTechGuy says (08:23:28):
Peace! 😀

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