Mastering the 7 Levels of Communication with Michael J Maher


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 62

This week I’ve got Michael Maher, author of The 7 Levels of Communication.

Believe it or not, this was more of a chat between two friends than an interview.

Join us as we discuss life, communication, social media, and internet marketing.

But I warn you, once you tune into to this chat you’re gonna want the book 😉

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

<—– Begin Chat —–>

*** (07:59:33):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (08:05:24):
Hey Robert, Tracy, & Sonya - thanks a bunch for tuning in.
RealTechGuy says (08:05:30):
Angie - you know I love you too ;)
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:05:43):
Robert Schwabe says to  (08:05:46):
Good Morning
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:06:09):
Good Morning Jonathan.  I love your podcasts and have listened to them all.  This is the first live one I have had a chance to listen to.  Love what you do!  And no vacations!
RealTechGuy says (08:06:10):
I can't believe you didn't recommend me for an interview with Inman Next Angie - what's that all about?
RealTechGuy says (08:06:44):
Really Sonya???  Thank you so much - I'm thrilled to have you join us - Meet Robert and Agentknowhow (they're regulars.)
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:06:58):
HI all!
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:07:14):
Aww, thank you! You know Chris is going to interview you anyway....
RealTechGuy says (08:07:45):
I think Chris is cutting some ties - he doesn't want to tarnish that sparkling reputation - plus you know "internet marketing" is a dirty word.
RealTechGuy says (08:07:57):
Hey Debbie, thanks for tuning in - nice to see you this AM
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:08:15):
Hi Sonya, pleasure, meeting you. Real name is Angie.
DebbieSpice says to  (08:08:25):
Hiya RTG!
RealTechGuy says (08:08:30):
Sonya - Angie knows her stuff
Robert Schwabe says to  (08:08:48):
Hi Sonya how are you this morning?
RealTechGuy says (08:09:02):
Oh, and Robert is a Craigslist wiz too ;)
RealTechGuy says (08:09:27):
Gratitiude Exercise is my favorite thing in the world
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:09:36):
Chris has been ghost for a while, or at least it feels that way
RealTechGuy says (08:09:44):
He's big time now ;)
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:10:05):
Oh, he doesn't have time for the little people. :-)
Robert Schwabe says to  (08:10:09):
Thanks Jonathan
RealTechGuy says (08:10:49):
Here's a look at my "Gratitiude Book" >>
RealTechGuy says (08:11:17):
Transparency - I live it and love it
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:11:49):
I am great this morning- thanks for asking.  I have been listening to the padcasts since the beginning of the year on my way home - now I have caught up on all the old ones and have to listed live.  What a great group of people associated with Real Tech
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:12:35):
Nice! Me too. I take it on the road via my ipod.. Jonathan knows how to build a list
RealTechGuy says (08:12:37):
I sooooo dig hearing that Sonya - thanks
RealTechGuy says (08:12:51):
Social Media = Word of Mouth (WOM) on steroids.
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:13:07):
I love that!
RealTechGuy says (08:14:00):
Wait until you see the new tool I'm testing today (6)
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:14:16):
Can't wait!
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:14:45):
we make money in front of people face to face
RealTechGuy says (08:14:44):
We make money with PLats= Prospecting Leads Appointments  Transactions Sales
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:15:21):
Gotta still have the basics
RealTechGuy says (08:15:46):
Exactly Sonya
RealTechGuy says (08:16:28):
Business objectives rulle your tactics
RealTechGuy says (08:17:00):
7 Levels
RealTechGuy says (08:17:02):
RealTechGuy says (08:17:05):
Direct Mail
RealTechGuy says (08:17:11):
Elecronic communication
RealTechGuy says (08:17:15):
Hand written notes
RealTechGuy says (08:17:17):
Phone calls
RealTechGuy says (08:17:21):
event & semonars
RealTechGuy says (08:17:25):
1 on 1
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:18:27):
I always want to start at the top pf the scale
RealTechGuy says (08:18:38):
he's got levels inside of levels - feels like "inception" over here
RealTechGuy says (08:19:17):
Oops - I don;t know how to do my job.
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:20:12):
talking on the phone makes it more real to me (high tech with a personal touch).
Robert Schwabe says to  (08:20:21):
I might need to get this book
RealTechGuy says (08:20:54):
It's awesome
RealTechGuy says (08:21:01):
I read it twice.
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:21:12):
Exactly! Trust is key. I agree Rob. sounds like a great book.
RealTechGuy says (08:21:15):
Just implementing notes again
Robert Schwabe says to  (08:21:23):
RealTechGuy says (08:21:28):
Angie - doesn't this sound like the way you got the deal from the mortgage broker?
RealTechGuy says (08:21:31):
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:21:39):
DebbieSpice says to  (08:21:48):
that reminds me Jonathon, I need to talk to you about your VIP program!
RealTechGuy says (08:21:46):
They'll be a link to is under the extended interview Robert
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:22:10):
I have another deal with her. :-)
RealTechGuy says (08:22:12):
We should chat today Debbie - DM your # on Twitter
RealTechGuy says (08:22:45):
Another acronym
RealTechGuy says (08:22:48):
get Ready
RealTechGuy says (08:23:17):
I'm a D
RealTechGuy says (08:23:28):
My wife is a C
RealTechGuy says (08:23:41):
Here it goes
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:23:47):
D here too!
RealTechGuy says (08:23:53):
Saving you stress time energy and money - SYSTEM
AgentKnowHow says to  (08:24:18):
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:24:21):
Love that!
RealTechGuy says (08:24:44):
me too
RealTechGuy says (08:26:42):
22.500 in your community
RealTechGuy says (08:26:46):
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:29:20):
Great interview
RealTechGuy says (08:30:38):
Hoping this new tool works the way i'd like it to
SonyaLeonard says to  (08:31:14):
Am switching over now to listen.  Thanks for the chat this morning and hope to pop in again next week!
RealTechGuy says (08:31:31):
It was fun, thank you for joining us.
RealTechGuy says (08:31:45):
Angie - Robert - Daebbie - as always, thank you guys fr the support!