Awesome NEW Strategy for Getting More Referrals… Sort of ;)

If you’re a member of The Real Estate Referral Group then You may have noticed a slight uptick in referrals over the last couple of days.

Yesterday I asked, “Who wants to know how we got all these extra referrals?”

Between 7-9-11 & 7-11-11 we were averaging 5 new leads per day. In the 48 hours following that we had 25 new leads (that’s a 140% spike in leads.)

[You can verify these numbers by taking a look at the Real Estate Referral Group on Posterous]

Some folks started guessing what led to this sudden increase in leads. The most common guess was, “You asked for them”

Wondering how we did it?

We used a powerful tool that most new marketers overlook. This tool was first used in 1971 and is still widely used today.

While it’s not sexy – maybe not even note worthy. It’s been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective SALES tools on the internet.

You may have heard of it before, it’s called email.

Let me show you how this played out…

The Strategy

Every month the members of the Real Estate Referral Group get a recap – a monthly “newsletter.”

(If you’re not getting it then you’re missing out. You can register HERE.)

In the newsletter we share updates on referral activity, news, and training opportunities. Here’s a look at some stats from Aweber on the last mailing.

As you can see this email went out to 6,869 subscribers. There were 2,000 + opens and 300 + click throughs (please don’t make fun of my stats, I’m working on them.)

Here’s some data on where those clicks went:

The top 3 stories in this newsletter were:

1. How many referrals we got last month (145 clicks)
2. The Inman Next Launch (79 Clicks)
3. The Interview with an REO Asset Manager (48 Clicks)

How it works

Bringing those 145 people back to the site reminded them of the service we provide which in turn provided that 140% increase in referrals the 2 day following the email.

Playing with dead stuff.

One of my favorite writers, Seth Godin says “Bring me stuff that’s dead, please.”

He goes on to say that when things lose their shiny luster and become boring – that’s when the real work begins.

So today I want to urge you to take a look at what you’re doing to market your business – if you’re playing with too many shiny new objects – take a step back and see if there are some dead things you can play with instead to get REAL MEASURABLE results.

  • Easy as can be, great to go back to basics, thanks for the info, very powerful , I look forward getting more clients for California….have a good weekend!…selling here is my home at the ti

  • Enjoyed the good info, making the referral process much easier…

  • You know me, I like to use the KISS method.
    And email newsletters are about as simple as it gets 😉

  • Sheri Rodgers

    Great info, Jonathan.  Thanks for that!