How to avoid Social Media Overload.


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 68

With a new social media network popping up every three seconds it’s easy to get orverloaded.

On today’s show Angie Perez from Agent Know HowΒ joins us to discuss how to avoid Social Media Overload.

Some of the solutions you’ll get might seem outlandish, but I bet’ya they work πŸ˜‰

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

<----- Begin Chat ----->


*** (07:53:53):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (07:54:16):
Hey Hey Hey – welcome to Real-TechGuy Radio #68
RealTechGuy says (07:54:25):
“How to avoid Social Media Overload.”
RealTechGuy says (07:54:47):
with Special Guest – Angie Perez from Agent Know How
Robert Schwabe says to (07:57:56):
Good Morning!
Robert Schwabe says to (07:58:13):
I thought I was late to the party.
RealTechGuy says (07:58:15):
Hey Robert – good to see you buddy
RealTechGuy says (07:58:27):
Nah – starting in 2 miutes
Robert Schwabe says to (07:59:18):
I’ll see you anf Angie in a few weeks.
RealTechGuy says (07:59:42):
Yup, just 2 more weeks until Barcamp – can’t wait.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:00:44):
We have music
AgentKnowHow says to (08:01:00):
yes sir real estate bar camp
AgentKnowHow says to (08:03:43):
Hi Robert and Lynda
LyndaWhite says to (08:04:02):
Good morning sunshines! πŸ˜›
Robert Schwabe says to (08:04:17):
Hi Angie
AgentKnowHow says to (08:04:26):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:04:32):
Good morning Lynda
LyndaWhite says to (08:04:48):
Y’all are just talking about Florida to make me jealous πŸ˜‰
Robert Schwabe says to (08:05:06):
I’ll be there
LyndaWhite says to (08:05:08):
Just kidding I’m excited for ya!
Robert Schwabe says to (08:05:28):
Wish you could come Lynda
AgentKnowHow says to (08:05:38):
aww, come down
AgentKnowHow says to (08:06:09):
I’m driving remember
DebbieSpice says to (08:06:20):
good morning πŸ™‚
LyndaWhite says to (08:06:38):
Hi Debbie!
DebbieSpice says to (08:06:42):
I’ll be there!
LyndaWhite says to (08:06:46):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:06:51):
Good morning Debbie
LyndaWhite says to (08:07:13):
Go Angie!
RealTechGuy says (08:12:23):
If you’ve got questions for us – drop them in the chat πŸ˜‰
DebbieSpice says to (08:20:06):
i unsubscribed to 7 lists yesterday,
AgentKnowHow says to (08:20:59):
awesome debbie
LyndaWhite says to (08:20:59):
I got my first email from AgentKnowHow this morning! Very nice!
DebbieSpice says to (08:21:09):
not yours off course jonathon!
LyndaWhite says to (08:22:28):
I miss Chris as TechSavvyAgent’s weekly emails. he probably has a similar newsletter for Inman too, I need to find out and subscribe.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:23:33):
I still need to get that book
LyndaWhite says to (08:26:15):
Yes, very!
LyndaWhite says to (08:26:28):
Hahahah yee-haw! πŸ˜‰
LyndaWhite says to (08:26:38):
Robert Schwabe says to (08:28:01):
Where is my call Johathan?
LyndaWhite says to (08:28:21):
I want a Google Hangout with you, Angie, but I want to wait until the boss is out the first time. I’ve never done that before.
LyndaWhite says to (08:28:37):
I’d love to talk with you Jonathan.
RealTechGuy says (08:28:39):
soon πŸ˜‰
LyndaWhite says to (08:29:10):
you can’t pretend to be anyone else. I’d know that voice anywhere.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:30:30):
Lynda Google Hangout is really cool I was on one the other week.
LyndaWhite says to (08:30:35):
Thank you Angie and Jonathan. (F)
RealTechGuy says (08:30:36):
Thank you guys for tuning in!
DebbieSpice says to (08:30:42):
totally agree Angie, but I’ve been slacking lately ;( thank you for the reminder!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:30:45):
Thank Lynda
AgentKnowHow says to (08:30:51):
RealTechGuy says (08:31:10):
That was fun – hope listeners enjoyed as much as I did πŸ˜‰
AgentKnowHow says to (08:31:29):
Debbie, today’s a new day then for you. Perfect day to start over.
Robert Schwabe says to (08:31:32):
Great job! I enjoyed listening
AgentKnowHow says to (08:31:35):
Or start fresh
AgentKnowHow says to (08:32:43):
Thanks Jonthan for allowing me on. It was great.
RealTechGuy says (08:33:24):
“Allowing?” I wasn’t even gonna do a show if it wasn’t for you πŸ˜‰