The Results are In, Did You See Them?

If you’ve been hanging around here via the “Real-TechGuy News Letter” then You know about the survey.

You know, the one where I asked you what kind of new training videos you wanted me to make for You.

In this post I’m going to share the survey results with you.

If you don’t like numbers, then skip this post.  But if you do, then here’s the DATA of a survey from the “Real-TechGuy Newsletter” Subscribers (plus a little commentary from yours truly.)

The charts and screenshots are from “Survey Monkey.”  It’s a pretty cool tool for surveys, easy to use, and helpful. There were only three main questions to the survey, they are:

What presentation style do You like best?


It’s no surprise that you like screencam tutorials (50%)

It’s easy to follow along, delivered on demand, and hits all your senses at once.

Maybe that’s why people keep telling us that video is such a powerful internet marketing strategy?

What were the most popular topics?


I really think personal branding could be a waste of time if you’re not doing it correctly, so it’s no surprise that it got 30% of the vote.

The one piece of advice I would give you is to shift the way you think about branding.  Make it ALL about the People You Help.

This is a HUGE paradigm shift that separates the good marketers from the GREAT marketers.  The second that you wrap your head around this concept is the exact moment that your marketing will improve by leaps and bounds.

How do You watch my video?


I watch a lot of the educational stuff in front of my Mac, so why should 80% of you be any different?  Besides, it’s kinda hard to watch video while you’re driving, RIGHT? 😉

Survey Wrap Up:

It looks like the next product I build for you will be “How to Build Your Brand using Online Marketing and Persuasion.” 😉

But seriously, look out for some new posts with that’ll give you all the details.  For now I’ll get to work on creating those cool new videos (we talked about in the survey.)

PS- Thanks for giving me your advice!


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