What not to do on your WordPress Site

The day I fired my template website
company I felt like a new man,

I had a new lease on life and I was no
longer imprisoned by the high hosting
fees and long wait time to make changes

I was empowered,

Because for the first time I was finally
in full control of my online marketing

The only problem was that I didn’t really
know much about WordPress,

Sure, I picked up tutorials on You Tube
and from some GuRu’s,

But I never found a complete guide on
how to use WordPress

So I fumbled around figuring things out
as a built my first site (Real-TechGuy.com)

But one mistake I made along the way
I’ve never been able to fix,

It has cost me valuable SEO,

It made my links so ugly that I couldn’t
share them without using some sort of
link shortening service

And it could have been easily avoided,
if I only knew about it

The mistake I’m talking about is Not
setting up ‘custom permalinks’

This makes it much easier for the lil
magic Google bots to know what
you’re site is about

Which in turn helps you get better SEO
(search engine optimization)

Which helps people find you online

This is just one example of what NOT
to do when you’re using WordPress,

If you want to avoid more time sucking,
anger inducing mistakes like this one,

Then you should check out the report
I wrote for you:

Free - Hand Drawn Red“10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using WordPress”

Not only will I show you the 10 mistakes
everyone makes (even me)

But I’ll also show you how to fix them.


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