Thank You (it works)

I guess it’s kinda fitting,

A few weeks back we talked about
how two simple words, “Thank You,”

Are the next killer business strategy;

Wouldn’t you know it,

Last month almost 18% of my website
traffic came from the keywords,
“Thank You”

After doing some ciphering,

I came up with two possible theories,

#1 I really don’t know anything about SEO
(and the google bots are crazy)


#2 People genuinely like to be thanked

I’m no rocket surgeon, but it’s probably #2 😉

So in the spirit of being thankful,

Thank you for reading my crazy
rantings every day and “Happy Holidays!”


PS – I’m taking the weekend off, see
you on Tuesday.

  • Lollie Real

    Thank you For an incredible year of referrals , love to work with other great realtors nationwide, it makes the work much better, have a Merry Christmas weekend!…looking forward for more in Southern California…A million thanks!

  • Thank you for all the support through the years Lollie!