She finally understood what a ‘List” was

Here’s a funny story about my friend
in North Carolina,

She’s been in the business 19 years
and has sold over 2,000 homes

In other words she’s pretty smart,

Way back when I first met her in 2008
I told her to start building her list
if she wanted to get more sales,

What I didn’t realize was
That she had no clue what I was talking about,

The good news,

After a few years it finally clicked

Here’s what she wrote to me,

“It took me a LONG time to understand
what you meant by ‘Direct Marketing’
to a list,

BUT Now, I can confidently say that I am
closing 10x as many transactions from
direct email.

Best part is that I don’t even know
these people on my social networks”

That’s pretty cool, huh?

And it all starts by building your landing
page and attracting people to your list,

You can learn more about

* Direct Marketing
* Building Lead Capture Pages
* Getting More Traffic

When you read the “Landing Page Strategy Guide”


PS – As a special bonus to anyone who buys the guide,
you’ll also get the “List Building Report”

A 6 page guide on how to get more opt ins from
your site.

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