And I said goodbye to them forever

I can’t remember exactly when it was,

It had to be around 2005

It was after the real estate boom
and I was attending yet another
“pitch fest” seminar,

You know the kind;

Where they promise you content and
you’re lucky if you get 10% content
and 90% sales pitch,

I was looking for an answer

Something that would help me
stay in business
2 years before all you needed was a pulse
and a license to make mucho dinero in Real Estate,

Now, times were much tougher and
I needed a way to get leads on a smaller

Low and behold the ANSWER
presented itself after lunch,

It was the “Website in a Box”
(aka “The Template Site”)

And if you bought this push button
beauty it would start bringing you
leads on Day 1

2 years later I still had no leads and
I’d spent $5,800 on the site,
hosting, and everything else

What a Crock!

Luckily it was around that time I was
introduced to the tool that is instrumental
to everything I do today

And it isn’t sexy,

But if used correctly, you can count on
it to be the backbone of everything you
do online

I’m talking about WordPress;

When I started using it, I said Good Bye
to ugly outdated template sites forever

WordPress makes the Internet your oyster,

It puts powerful tools in your hands
with a simple, easy to use ‘back office’

So you’ll have complete control of
your online marketing

Here’s the deal;

I’ve put together 34 ‘ training videos’
to show you exactly how to build
your site on WordPress

In no time you’ll be using your site
to build your brand, showcase your
expertise, and get you leads

If that sounds cool then
You can get everything here:



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