A new way to get your phone ringing

The line was to the door,

But there was no way we were leaving
the plaza without our greasy burgers and
salty fries from “5 Guys,”

(it’s the best burger joint in my neck of the woods)

So we hopped in line and started
playing with our iPhones,

It wasn’t more than a few steps,

When this young guy in a track suit
walks to the front of the store and
cleverly says,

I ordered online

And it hit me like a hammer to the thumb,

Why was I waiting in line?

There’s an app for that!

I bet you’re thinking,

“How in tarnation does this relate to my business?”

Here’s how,

People want information on their terms,

Sometimes they don’t want to call,
Sometimes they don’t want to talk,

But they always want answers to their questions

And mobile marketing gives you the
opportunity to do that,

All you need is a simple mobile website
(the simpler the better)

Before you know it,

You’re phone is ringing with new leads

But if you don’t know how to build a
mobile website,

No worries,

Because I’ve put together 10 training
videos, 3 manuals, and a 36 minute

Where you’ll learn exactly how to build one,
And how to use it to get leads,

It’s called Mobile Product X and you can check it out here:

But it’s not for everyone,

If you don’t know how to use WordPress,
If you don’t know basic HTML,
If you’re lazy,

This product isn’t for you,

But if you wanna get started building
your mobile site and get your phone
ringing more in 2012

Then you should definitely check out Mobile Product X here:


PS – The reason I’m practically giving
away MPX is to CRUSH all those
other clowns giving bad advice

And because you’re reading this post

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