What I learned in the Garden of Millionaires

Dear Friend,
Are you fired up to make this a great quarter?

I know I am,

Especially after spending the entire
weekend in the garden of millionaires,

And boy do I have a story for you;

Last weekend my wife and I got outta
the city for a new type of adventure

One that involved us catching our own food,

And while we were fishing the muddy
waters one afternoon during low tide,

I got to rub elbows with some
cool people

(who turned out to be
very influential in that part of town)


2 top selling Insurance Agents

A College Football Coach

The Tax Appraiser for the county

And the president of a local college

It turns out a couple of these guys
were multi-millionaires

(I’ll let you guess who they were,)

And after spending some time with them
I found they had two things in common

1. They were extremely focussed on results
2. They liked to keep things simple

Do you want a simple way
to get more leads this year?

How about three simple ways?

Then download this 22 minute audio
I recorded for you,
Where you’ll learn three simple,

But effective

Ways to get more leads this year.


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