I’m bringing unsexy back (…to your marketing)

Nope, this isn’t a duet between
Justin Timberlake and me

I’m here to give you 5 unsexy
marketing tips to try in your
business right now,

And this ain’t no social media,
touchy-feely hug the world stuff either,

These ancient tips work as good today
as they did 130 years ago

Tip #1: Get a list
(Buy or Borrow if you have to)

Tip #2: Be a trusted resource
(Inform and educate)

 Tip #3: Make an Offer
(For a meeting or a sale)

 Tip #4: Track Results
(So you know what works)

 Tip #5: Rinse and Repeat
(Test something different)

Back when the USPS was powered by ponies,

Sears used these 5 tips to sell buku
stuff through their catalogs,

And the cool part is,

Today you have more horsepower
than ever with the internet

All you gotta know is

* Where to start
* Where to spend your time
* How to get the most bang for your buck
* What to do next

Easier said than done, right?

That’s why when you sign up for the
Internet Marketing Bootcamp
http://RealTechGuyLabs.com you’ll get the quick-start guide,

It’s a 20 minute MP3 chock full info on
how to get the best ROI online,

And I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the answer.

Anyways, the next Bootcamp is scheduled
to start on Wednesday Feb. 8th

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PS – In tomorrow’s post you’ll learn
the 4 pillars of successful internet marketing

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