Four Pillars of a successful marketing campaign

Dear Friend,
I have a knack for complicating things,

Once I spent 3 months trying to figure
out a WordPress Plugin that I never ended up using

Has that ever happened to you,

Where you spend too much of your valuable time trying
to figure out something that doesn’t even matter?

Nowadays I try to keep things as simple
as my monkey brain can handle

That’s why I think you only need
4 key ingredients for a successful marketing campaign,

These 4 pillars are the foundation of what you’ll learn
when you join the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp

The key to getting this to work for you
is to do it in the right order,

The Four Pillars are:

Having a good Bear Trap.
(aka a lead capture page)

Being the approachable expert
(aka content marketing)

Air Traffic control
(aka prospecting)

Y’all come back now
(auto responders)

And the what’s really weird is this
works in other places too,

You can use it with your postcards,
print ads, and whatever else you dream up.

One of the things you’ll like
about the Bootcamp is how we mix
old school stuff with techie stuff

Anyways, the next “IMBC” starts on
Wednesday Feb 8th at 12 pm EST, join here:
If you want to get a head start on your
training, you can hit the VIP lounge
and workout those bonuses.


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