Marketing gold from Swamp People

Dear Friend,

I don’t know if I told you, but as soon as
I got back from snowboarding I was
waist deep in poop.

And I’m not speaking figuratively either,

The lift station at my apartments stopped
working and there was wastewater in the streets

Last time this happened we got hit with
a hefty 5 figure repair bill,

So I was bracing for the worst

After about 18 phone calls and a few
chats with some “swamp people” I
finally got someone to come out

He was missing a few teeth and
sporting a three day old red beard,

His filthy jeans and muck boots
led me to believe he was the right
guy for the job

His name was Lonnie and his first
words to me were

“This don’t sound good, how much
are you approved to spend?”

And I instantly thought I was screwed, <--- insert 4 letter word here But after an hour or two of poking around he found the problem and it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought While he was playing detective we had a chance to chat, We talked about life, real estate, and even marketing (weird, huh?) Anyways, one thing Lonnie said really struck me, I was telling him about what I do to market
the apartments and he said,

“This time of year we’re all rich,
you know, with tax returns and all.

Why don’t you offer people the 12th month
free if they pay for the whole year?”

That’s Gold!

Of course I had to adapt it to my business,

So I made a postcard for my tenants and offered
them 1 free month if they pay 3 months in

That’s one of my favorite parts of talking with
new people

Sometimes you get ideas you wouldn’t have
come up with on your own,

That’s why the Internet Marketing Boot Camp
is a group “experience”

Sometimes one person asks a question that’ll
spark up a whole new way of thinking for you

Why? Because we’re all stuck in our heads,

And hearing other people’s thoughts could be
just what you needed to get unstuck

Anyways, I pushed the Bootcamp back one wee,
so it starts Wednesday Feb 15th at 12 pm

But it’s not for everyone,

You gotta be willing to show up each week for
the live training calls,

You gotta do the work,

And you gotta be a winner to join,

So if you’re all those things,
Grab your track suit and run over to
sign up now.


PS – I’m gonna write you at least three
more times about the Bootcamp this weekend,

That’s only because I want to make sure everyone
who should be a part of the bootcamp has a chance

So don’t hate me for doing my job.

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