A public service announcement

If you’re using WordPress or have
visited WordPress sites in the last
week BEWARE.

Apparently there’s been a backlash
on the whole SOPA PIPA thing

And H@ckers are running wild
hitting up WordPress sites

Several of my sites and the sites of
people I know were hit

I’ve gotten most of the issues resolved
(luckily I have a good team)

But I wanted to share a few links that
might be helpful if you’ve been getting
any weird warning messages

If you’re a mac user like me, then you
probably don’t have an antivirus
(I didn’t until yesterday)

So check out this post at Lifehacker
for some suggestions (even free ones)
that you can use on your machine:

Mac Protection


I ended up choosing “Sophos” because
it’s free and light weight

If you’re on a PC you probably already
have something in place, just make
sure it’s up to date.

Also, here’s recommendation from my
friends at Lifehacker as the “best” option
for PC users:

PC Protection


And as an added bonus, here’s a great
article on how to keep your machine
safe and clean:

General Protection


The internet is still a little wild sometimes,
so we just gotta play it safe, right?


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