A Valentine’s Day to Remember

It was Thursday February 14th 1929,

Liquor has been outlawed and people
are itching for some of that hooch,

Bootlegging is big business,

And the biggest dawg in the business
is a gangster named Al Capone

He’s pretty much got the entire industry
in his pocket,

The only problem is the North Side
Irish gang and their pesky leader
Bugs Moran

They’ve been moving in on Al’s territory
and he don’t like that too much,

So Al comes up with a plan,

He’s puts the word on street that someone
is selling two cases of stolen Canadian

It’s not long before the North Sider’s
go to check it out,

When they get to the warehouse they’re

Lined up against the wall

And sprayed with tommy gun fire until
they’re piled up on the ground,

Freaky, huh?

It reminds me of these GuRu’s
selling you next hot hooch,

They lure you in with big promises
and fancy websites,

And after they collect your money and
don’t deliver they spray you with more offers,

Before you know it you’ve got a pile of
useless products that you don’t even
remember buying,

That’s why the Internet Marketing Bootcamp
is not just another product that you can buy
and forget,

It’s a 6 week training program with weekly
Live training sessions with me and your peers,

You know, other people trying to do the same
things as you online,

That way you’ll not only learn from me
(which one on one is extremely expensive)

But you’ll also learn from your fellow bootcampers.

The next Bootcamp starts on Wednesday
February 15th at 12 pm EST (yep, tomorrow)

And we’ve got room for 7 more people,
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